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September 29, 2020

Teodor Paleologu joins PMP

Ex-PDL Culture Minister, Teodor Paleologu announced yesterday he resigned PDL in order to join the People Movement Party. The PMP leaders are also holding talks with PDL mayors Emil Boc, George Scripcaru, Mircea Hava and Gheorghe Stefan to join the party, through the Popular Movement Foundation, said political sources quoted by Mediafax. Emil Boc is the mayor of Cluj-Napoca city, Scripcaru is the mayor of Brasov, Hava is the mayor of Alba-Iulia and Stefan is the mayor of Piatra Neamt. There is also the mayor of Arad, Gheorghe Falca. He told Mediafax correspondent on Saturday that he has been a member of “Popular Movement” Foundation since last summer but that he does not leave PDL to lose his mandate. Neither the other mayors will leave PDL, so as not to lose their mandates. The talks held with them are to persuade them to join the foundation. Yet, Mircea Hava denied intention to go to PMP, saying yesterday that leaving PDL is out of question.

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