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May 9, 2021

Avangarde: 42 pc of Romanians would vote for PSD+UNPR+PC on EP elections

According to the survey, 20 per cent of the respondents said they would cast their vote for PNL, 18 per cent would vote for the PDL, 5 per cent for UDMR, 3 per cent would vote for PMP.

If Euro-parliamentary elections were held on Sunday, 42 percent of the Romanians would vote for PSD (the Social Democratic Party, at rule) + UNPR (the National Union for the Progress of Romania) +PC (the Conservative Party), as the three parties will run in the EP elections on a joint list, reveals a survey conducted by Avangarde Group for Social-Behavioural Studies (GSSC), quoted by Agerpres.
According to the survey released yesterday, 20 per cent of the respondents said they would cast their vote for the National Liberal Party (PNL, at rule), 18 per cent would vote for the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL, in opposition), 5 per cent for the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), 4 per cent would vote for the People’s Party – Dan Diaconescu (PP-DD) and the People’s Movement Party (MP), 3 percent for the Greater Romania Party (PRM) and 2 per cent for the D.A. Alliance (if still in place).
As for the manner in which the parties will run in the EP polls, 45 per cent of the respondents voting for the Social Liberal Union (USL, the governing alliance of Social Democrats, Liberals and Conservatives) opined that PSD and PNL should run on separate lists in the elections for the European Parliament, while 55 percent believe that the two parties should run on the same list under USL’s logo.
The survey was conducted over Jan. 12-20 on a batch of 1,500 persons, representative for Romania’s population above 18 years of age, with the maximum allowed error of data being +/- 2.53 per cent and a confidence level of 95 per cent.
Basescu, the main force pulling in votes from the right, CSOP says
After a nine-year reign at Palatul Cotroceni and being USL’s target ever since the Union was founded, Traian Basescu is practically at tie with USL presidential candidate Crin Antonescu in the polls, at least according to a CSOP poll commissioned by Evenimentul Zilei newspaper and B1TV and made public yesterday. According to the cited source, 30 percent of respondents view Basescu “very favorably and favorably,” while 31 percent have the same opinion of Crin Antonescu. CSOP poll results indicate the President can achieve a 30 to 35 per cent electoral pool, which could give him an important say in the EP and presidential elections.
In fact, Traian Basescu is the highest rated political leader of the opposition, as most anti-USL votes – be they from PDL or the People’s Movement Party (PMP)’s electoral pool or from voters unsatisfied with the current Government – were cast in his favor. 64 per cent of PDL voters voted in favor of the President, which Liberal Democrats should see a red flag, considering they are on a mission to distance themselves from the head of state, reporters at Evenimentul Zilei say. An unsurprising 80 per cent of PMP’s electorate expressed a good opinion of Traian Basescu. 45 per cent of those who completely disagree with the Government’s handle on economy are in favor of the President.

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