PDL Orsova chairman’s car set on fire with Molotov cocktail

The car owned by Adrian Cican, chairman of PDL Orsova, was set on fire Monday night through the use of a Molotov cocktail, Mediafax informs. “Around 2:20 a.m., I heard a car pulling up in front of the house with the engine running. Neither me nor my wife or child were asleep and we heard a bang. I went straight to the window and saw smoke and fire coming out of the trunk of my car. At that point, I saw a man whose face I could not see clearly entering a car, model 1994 BMW or Ford Mondeo, with no license plates,” said the leader of PDL Orsova. Firefighters managed to put out the fire, but the damage was significant. The police have opened an investigation to identify the man responsible. Adrian Cican claims he has received multiple phone-call threats and he believes what happened was part of a “political vendetta.”

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