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February 8, 2023

Romania, 5th place in the EU based on the size of wind farms

Romania is the 5th of the 28 member states of the EU based on the size of wind farms installed last year. “In terms of annually installed capacities, Germany was the largest market in 2013, with 3,238 MW of new capacity, of which 240 MW (7 per cent) in offshore projects, The United Kingdom comes second with 1,883 MW, of which 733 MW (39 per cent) were offshore, followed by Poland with 894 MW, Sweden with 724 MW, Romania with 695 MW, Denmark with 657 MW, France with 631 MW and Italy with 444 MW,” informs the latest report released by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), quoted by zf.ro. Last year, Romania attracted new investments worth over EUR 1 bln, if taking into account a cost of EUR 1.5 M per installed MW, the final capacity of wind generators reaching 2,599 MW, up from the 1,905 MW installed at the end of 2012. The data released by EWEA slightly differ from those presented by the National Regulatory Authority in Energy (ANRE) or by Transelectrica. Despite the attracted sums, the investments made last year were 25 per cent smaller than in 2012, as the trend registered on the Romanian market was characteristic for the entire European Union. The data unveiled by EWEA show that in 2013, the capacities made operational in the 28 members states were 7 per cent under those of 2012.

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