Basescu starts electoral offensive through Popular Movement

The Head of State attended a Popular Movement Party debate in Cluj , where former PM Emil Boc announced that he has joined the new party.

Important decisions were taken at the public debate organized by the Popular Movement Foundation in Cluj-Napoca. First of all, the debate was attended by President Traian Basescu, who scolded the current ruling power in his speech. Secondly, former Premier and PDL President Emil Boc has accepted to become a member of the Popular Movement Party (PMP), being after Elena Udrea the second important name that leaves PDL in order to join the new party created by the Head of State.“I accepted Marian Preda’s invitation to be part of the Popular Movement Foundation,” Boc said, adding that in his opinion he can contribute to the unification of the right wing in order to win this year’s elections. On the other hand, Boc said he is not the solution for the presidential elections, but he could help find a winner inside PMP for the autumn ballot.
As an answer to Boc’s defection, PDL president Vasile Blaga said that he entered “a dead-end,” rather than a foundation, adding that his decision will be discussed in the party. The reaction of Traian Basescu to Blaga’s statements came promptly, as the president said that everybody has its own opinion and appealed to the members of the People’s Movement Foundation and PMP not to attack PDL, because “it would be the biggest mistake.”
Boc’s gesture could be followed by several PDL members in Cluj, a first signal in this direction being the information according to which several Democratic-Liberal members of the local and county councils as well as former minister Teodor Paleologu dined with President Basescu on Saturday evening at the hotel where he was staying in Cluj-Napoca. The meeting was attended by several Popular Movement leaders, including Elena Udrea and Daniel Funeriu.
The President’s big plans of creating a new party are thus increasingly taking shape. Basescu told the participants at the debate yesterday that the PMP is a premature child of the Popular Movement, but premature children are extremely intelligent, adding that his idea consists of creating a party that can win the elections in 2016. “I had the idea of creating a foundation that would then generate a party trying to do a different sort of politics: state politics, continuing the policy of modernizing the Romanian state being the major goal of this foundation and, why not, a closer relationship with the Republic of Moldova,” Basescu pointed out, being quoted by Mediafax.  Referring to Emil Boc, Basescu said that they both were “two extraordinary partners” that went through “moments that bind us forever,” for example the moments when they were looking for solutions to come out of the crisis.
After lobbying for PMP and its leaders Basescu changed tack, launching a new attack against the Social Liberal Union (USL), especially on the judiciary issue. The President stated that the return to “a controlled judiciary” is something that could happen. “The irreversibility of judiciary reforms is unfortunately not guaranteed by the action of politicians, and this worries the most,” the Head of State said.
He also pointed out that Romania should not be seen “bleaker” than it is in what concerns respect for the Copenhagen criteria, however any depreciation of political criteria “pushes us to the zero moment” and “means regress.” “Without politicizing, Romania took steps back in the summer of 2012. Any statement I make is in all European chancelleries within the next 30 minutes. In the summer of 2012 it was established that Romania would enter Schengen with its air and maritime customs, and then with the terrestrial customs. The events in the summer of 2012, in 2013, the attacks on the judiciary, on the prosecutors, were liable to disqualify us, and the Romanians lost, primarily credibility but also economically,” Traian Basescu added. Moreover, in his opinion Romania has a problem within society, the latter “tolerating corruption, disrespect for the rules.”
On neighbors and partners
The Head of State also tackled foreign issues in his speech, pointing out that not all neighbors want Romania to be successful within the EU, and at the same time warned that there is no peace in the region and our country risks contamination if state institutions are weakened. “These are the risks we are generating through the internal attitude shown by a significant number of politicians,” he added. On the other hand, Basescu considers that the attitude of respecting European partners “is not servility,” stating that the mentality of the “we will not kneel” type is “a dishonest approach.”

Over 7,000 PDL members and sympathisers attend protest rally in Bucharest

Over 7,000 members and sympathisers of the opposition Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) on Saturday attended a protest rally in the George Enescu Square in Bucharest against the ruling Social Liberal Union (USL) and in support of the rule of law. ‘(…) We are also here to say again stop to the USL crassness! For almost two years at rule, the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the National Liberal Party (PNL) have been pushing Romania toward lawlessness and poverty, they have been pushing Romania out of Europe,’ PDL First Deputy Chairman Catalin Predoiu, the party’s presidential candidate, said at the beginning of the rally.
In his turn, PDL President Vasile Blaga said as long as he leads the party, he will never sign any pact with Ponta and Antonescu. “These people can govern only by theft and televised lying. PDL will stop PDL”, said Blaga. Also attending the rally was MEP Theodor Stolojan, who said PDL wants to show it is a force to be reckoned with, that it is done reorganising and rebuilding in the wake of the 2012 blow, and that it can stop evil in Romania.

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