CSOP: Level of confidence in the PM up

The Romanians’ level of confidence in Victor Ponta has gone up from 23 per cent last December to 24 per cent in January 2013, according to a CSOP poll carried out between January 21 and January 28, 2014, after the airplane crash in the Apuseni Mountains and during the snow-clearing campaign. Within the same interval, the population’s confidence in Mugur Isarescu dropped from 27 per cent to 23 per cent and in Traian Basescu from 16 per cent to 15 per cent, whereas the level of confidence in Crin Antonescu remained constant at 15 per cent.
In the category ‘most likely party to win the EP elections,’ PSD ranks first place with 39 per cent, followed by PDL with 19 per cent, and PNL with 17 per cent. The People’s Movement Party would receive 5 per cent of the votes in the coming EP elections, the same as UDMR and PRM.
With respect to the direction in which Romania seems to be headed at present, 75 per cent of respondents believe Romania is on the wrong track (compared to 70 per cent in December) and 11 per cent believe Romania is on the right path (compared to 10 per cent in December 2013).
INSCOP: Town Hall, army and church, most trusted
On the other hand, according to an INSCOP poll released Friday, town halls (44 per cent), army, church, and NATO are the institutions most trusted by Romanians. The poll showed that the banks and political parties are the least trusted institutions in Romania. The most trusted institutions are the town halls, in which 44 per cent of the valid answers have expressed confidence, followed by the Government (32.4 per cent), and County Councils (32.1 per cent). First in the hierarchy of executive institutions is the army, with 65.8 per cent of Romanians saying they trusted this institution, followed by the Gendarmerie with 57.6 per cent, and intelligence services. As regards the social or private institutions, the church enjoys the highest level of confidence, with 62 per cent of Romanians placing their trust in this institution. The poll was commissioned by ‘Adevarul’ newspaper and it was conducted between January 16 and January 21.

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