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March 23, 2023

Over 162,000 Romanian companies were worth less than 1,000 euros each in 2013

The market capitalisation of 162,455 companies operating in Romania was equal to or smaller than 1,000 euros at end-2013, while 37 companies were worth more than EUR 500 M each, according to reports generated the RisCo online company checking and monitoring service, Agerpres reports. ‘If we want to find the place of the Romanian economy at the EU level or the global level, general statistics of new company registrations, writings-off and insolvencies in time will not suffice. We have to know how many of the operating companies are big enough to be competitive on an increasingly more integrated market. Existing data indicate that less than 30,000 companies had a capitalisation in excess of 1 million euros and less than 5,000 were worth more than EUR 10 M each in 2013. We can safely say that Romania is the country with a SME sector made up mostly of very small enterprises. Consequently, Government’s economic support policies should focus on this corporate segment,’ says RisCo Managing Partner Dragos Cabat.
RisCo analyses indicate that 159,453 Romanian companies were facing a very high insolvency risk in 2013 of between 90 and 100 per cent. Out of them, 3,346 filed for insolvency in 2013. ‘Companies operating in areas such as construction, retail trade and wholesale as well as services companies are among the most prone to insolvency risks. Overall, big companies are facing smaller insolvency risks than small and very small companies,’ RisCo indicates.

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