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February 1, 2023

Rand Refinery enters Romanian market in 2014

Rand Refinery, the world’s largest gold producer in the world, has announced its entry on the Romanian market through sole distributor Aurom Investment. “Since its foundation, Rand Refinery has refined almost 50,000 tons of pure gold, which accounts for 30 percent of the total quantity of gold refined from antiquity until the present,” Howard Craig, chief executive at Rand Refinery Limited Johannesburg, South Africa, stated.
Aurom Metal Investment and International Gold Trust will handle distribution throughout Europe because investing in gold is, and will always be a safe long-term solution that is not subject to capital market risks, Liviu Dumitrescu, General Manager of Aurom Metal Investment, stated in turn. Rand Refinery provides Romanian banks with the physical gold they require to satisfy consumer demand, he added. “The Romanian gold market is currently growing and we wish to make our contribution through the services we will offer.”
In addition, Aurom Metal Investment plans to open a gold purity testing laboratory by the end of the year, company consultant Alessandro Amato pointed out. He estimated there are between 750 kilograms and 2 tons of gold on the annual Romanian market.
Representatives of the largest Romanian banks, businesses, and state institutions that work with such financial instruments also took part in the Rand Refinery launch in Bucharest.

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