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October 20, 2021

BRCI, a supporter of local investors

Dorinel Umbrarescu, known for collaborating with the state in highway constructions, has contributed around RON 35 million to the capital of the newly founded Romanian Loans and Investment Bank (BRCI), opening both personal accounts and accounts for the main companies under his management (UMB Spedition and Tehnostrade) as a show of confidence in this institution, which he expects will treat clients respectfully and process client requests rapidly, zf.ro notes. “I want us to create a bank that supports local investors. It will be a serious bank; I don’t take risks with my money. I will watch everything that happens very closely and whoever makes a mistake will be taken out. This won’t be another ‘Nufarul’ or Dacia Felix (editor’s note – former bank from Cluj controlled by businessman Sever Muresan and created in 1991, which went bankrupt in 2001),” Umbrarescu said. He expressed conviction that within a year BRCI will prove it is above any prejudice based on previous failures of other Romanian capital banks. “I want this bank’s depositors not to worry about their money and be 100 percent sure they will not lose it.”
Umbrarescu, who owns almost 94 percent of BRCI, stated the bank would treat all its clients fairly and not be subject to political influence. General Manager Marinel Burduja emphasized this point, saying he wants to keep BRCI as far away as possible from politics. “We are perfectly objective in relation to political parties.”
With over 40 years of experience in corporate banking, Roxana Moldovan is a guarantee that corporate governing principles are upheld. Among the bank’s ‘supervisors’ is Stefan Nanu, General Manager at the State Treasury. The new bank relies on young recruits from important world banks active on the local market – UniCredit, Citi, ING – and is preparing to start lending activities in two or three months.

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