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January 27, 2022

Government approves EUR 50 M financing for seaside restoration project

The government will finance with RON 227.3 M (EUR 50.7 M) protection and restoration works in the southern part of the Romanian seaside region, in the area of the Mamaia resort, a financing that will be secured from non-reimbursable external funds, from the state budget and from other sources, and which can be updated subsequently, reads a government decision approved yesterday.
The works will be made in the perimeter of Mamaia, between the Rex and Sulina hotels, and Vila Turturica (at the entry checkpoint). The investment will be scheduled over a 3-year interval.
Last year, financing contracts were signed for projects worth over EUR 600 M, as part of the Sectorial Operational Programme (POS) Environment, including a contract of more than EUR 170 M for the restoration of 7 km of beach.
The contract for the financing of the project “Protection and restoration of the southern part of the Romanian littoral of the Black Sea in the area of the Constanta municipality and Eforie Nord” was signed at the end of April. The project proposes protection measures against the erosion of the coastline on a length of more than 7 km of beach, in five priority zones of the southern part of the Romanian seaside: Mamaia Sud, Tomis Nord, Tomis Centru, Tomis Sud and Eforie Nord.

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