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October 26, 2021

Replies to President’s accusations

“I can’t wait for him to call people out in the streets, maybe we’ll call them too and we can settle things there,” vice-PM Liviu Dragnea answered the President.

One after the other, the USL leaders replied yesterday to the accusations voiced by the Head of State on Tuesday night.
The first to do so was Prime Minister Victor Ponta himself, present at a conference at the National Bank of Romania, who said he wants to send a message of respect and appreciation to this institution from the Government, saying he came to the bank’s office “where the landlord spit (alluding to Traian Basescu)” to congratulate the officials also for their political unbiased attitude. “Every time I come here, I must send the same respect and appreciation for the central bank from the Government … we are all here to congratulate the National Bank and wish them success in the future in their amazing effort they do to make sure Romania remains stable regardless of the ongoing political changes,” said Ponta. He said the central bank is one of the few institutions in Romania which has gained respect over the years through professionalism and political unbiased attitude, for public and national interest.
PSD executive chairman, vice-prime minister Liviu Dragnea, believes Basescu sends inflammatory messages for violence and social disorder, saying he cannot wait the Head of State to call the people out in the streets: “I can’t wait for him to call the people out in the streets, maybe we’ll call them too and we’ll settle things there. … He shouldn’t make any illusions he scares us.” He suggested the president to be “more restrained” in this respect. “A president who calls for social disorder is a first for a democratic state, as he was talking about the rule of law,” added Dragnea. According to him, all reasons brought by the president against the measures of loans rollover are based on his irritability from a possible elections score acquired by the Popular Movement Party, created at Basescu’s suggestion by the people close to him.
Minister of Health Eugen Nicolaescu claims, regarding the statements made against him by the Head of State, that one must be doing well when Basescu attacks him. “The statements made Tuesday night are political and were issued in his manner,” said the minister of Health. Inquired whether the Government is ruling illegally, as President Traian Basescu said, and whether he resigned from his position of minister of Health, Nicolaescu said: “I have not resigned.” “My replacement at the Ministry of Health is made in accordance with a revoking order published in the Official Gazette. As for the other two Government colleagues who resigned, I would like to explain that they remain in their positions and do their tasks until revoked, until the revoking order is published in the Official Gazette,” said the liberal.

BNR answers accusations on the ElectoRata

The draft scheme meant to stimulate consumption through fiscal measures has not implied and will not imply any decision of monetary or banking policy from the National Bank of Romania (BNR), the Central Bank assures in a communique issued Wednesday afternoon. The scheme relies, in its essence, on fiscal measures, as it was conceived, initiated and developed by the delegate minister for Budget, Liviu Voinea, Hotnews informs.
BNR was also consulted over this draft regulation during the negotiations with the IMF, European Commission and World Bank. The elements considered as essential by BNR experts (the voluntary character of the fiscal scheme and the individual negotiation by debtors with commercial banks) appear in the current form of the draft, adds the BNR release.
The cooperation between the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance is conducted on regular basis. In this legal context, the two institutions held in January this year consultations over the aforementioned fiscal scheme, concludes the communique.

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