USD wants parliamentary inquiry into ASF’s activity, wage grid

Liberals approve to the investigation. Employees of ASF in management positions could earn 50 per cent less than in 2013.

Yesterday, USD, the alliance between PSD, UNPR and PC, proposed a parliamentary investigation into ASF’s activity and wage grid. “Given the recent information about the activities and wage grid of the Insurance Supervisory Commission and the rumor that this institution answers to the Romanian Parliament, the Social Democrat Union has agreed to conduct an analysis at Parliament level concerning the Commission’s activities,” a press release cited by Mediafax notes. “By taking this measure, we believe the aspects brought to the public’s attention by the media with respect to the wages of ASF managers will be clarified,” USD informs further.
This decision seems to be PSD’s answer in kind to the Liberals blocking the negotiations on restructuring, considering that ASF is run by former Liberal Dan Radu Rusanu, and Laura Chitoiu, wife of PNL Minister of Finance Daniel Chitoiu, was Director of the Approvals Department before her voluntary suspension from this position.
PNL leader Crin Antonescu immediately stated the Liberals basically approve of initiating a parliamentary investigation into ASF’s activity. “I encourage any type of parliamentary investigation. I told them basically yes. I told my colleagues to examine the points of discussion, but basically the answer was yes; there is no reason for stopping a parliamentary investigation,” Antonescu said. “PNL agrees with this initiative. I don’t think wage levels in public institutions should be taboo. Precisely because it is such a widely publicized topic, it is best to know all the information,” Cristina Pocora, spokesperson for PNL, had state earlier.

The fact that Social Democrats and Conservatives planned this initiative to catch PNL off-guard was confirmed to a certain extent by Daniel Constantin, chairman of PC, who said yesterday that both he and Gabriel Oprea, leader of UNPR, were consulted by PM Victor Ponta with regard to setting a parliamentary investigation concerning ASF into motion and they agreed, but he emphasized the discussion was not presented to the Liberals of USL. Prime Minister Victor Ponta declared mea culpa live on Antena 3 late Monday, admitting he was responsible for the very high wages of Insurance Supervisory Commission employees and pointing out he should have insisted more firmly that beneficiaries of “enormous wages” be bound to pay a special tax.
In turn, Dan Radu Rusanu, president of ASF, announced yesterday that Commission members’ wages may be reduced by 50 per cent this year compared to 2013, and a request will be filed in this respect with the Specialized Parliamentary Commission. “If it is approved, employees of ASF in management positions will earn around EUR 7,000 compared to EUR 14,000 in 2013,” Rusanu said, adding that the ASF budget for 2014 no longer includes incentives and premiums, as it did in 2013.

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