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April 20, 2021

DNA places Deputy Vlad Cosma under judiciary control

DNA Ploiesti yesterday instated the measure of judiciary control upon Deputy Vlad Cosma, accused of influence peddling, during the entire criminal probe.
The judiciary control is a preventive measure provided by the new Code of Penal Procedure, necessary in view of preventing the suspects to evade the investigation. “While being under judiciary control, suspect Vlad Cosma must observe the following obligations: to come to the DNA – Ploiesti Territorial Service whenever he is summoned; inform the DNA about a change of domicile; going to the institution in charge with the surveillance according to the schedule, or whenever he is summoned; leave the Romanian territory only with the approval of the investigating prosecutors; stay out of contact with suspects Alexe Razvan, Cosma Mircea, Alixandrescu Daniel Adrian and the denunciators in the present criminal case and not communicate with them, directly or indirectly, by no mean,” reads a DNA communique.
Deputy Vlad Cosma and Razvan Alexe, both probed in a case of influence peddling alongside the president of the Prahova County Council, Mircea Cosma, were summoned  Wednesday at the offices of DNA Ploiesti. Upon leaving the DNA office, Vlad Cosma said that he cannot make any comment, as the probe is under way.
“From the ordinance that initiated the criminal probe it resulted that, during 2012- 2013, suspect Cosma Vlad Alexandru and an acquaintance asked and received from several representatives of commercial companies – denunciators in the case – important sums of money (approximately RON 4,410,149.97) dissimulated as the value of works fictively subcontracted by two companies controlled by suspect Alexe Razvan. The money was asked by the two in exchange of intervening to decision makers from the Prahova County Council, whom the two had influence with, respectively the president of CJ Prahova, Cosma Mircea (father of Cosma Vlad Alexandru) and Alixandrescu Daniel Adrian (head of the Patrimony Department), so the respective companies obtain from CJ Prahova current works and services of public or county road maintenance during winter, overvalued and to grant priority to the payments for services already provided, under previous contracts,” the DNA communique informs.
The Chamber of Deputies rejected Monday, by secret vote, the lifting of the immunity of PSD deputy Vlad Cosma. The request addressed by the minister of Justice regarding the approval of remanding deputy Vlad Cosma was rejected with 105 votes to 222.

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