Few days left till famous Kitaro’s concert in Bucharest

Kitaro is universally acknowledged as the founder of the New Age music. His various solid cooperations and resonant multi-textured compositions defy any genres’ confines. Winner of a Grammy Award and a Golden Globe, Kitaro gained global recognition over three decades of activity, reports His music sounds are a successful fusion of various cultures, techniques and conscience spheres and will be performed for the first time in the presence of the spectators at the Palace Hall on March 2, 2014. Along his most famous compositions to be performed during the Bucharest concert, Kitaro will include in the evening playlist major songs from his new album called “Final Call,” launched last September, an album representing a tribute to the artist’s lifelong reverence to Nature. ”Final Call” is a little different from the other Kukai albums. Whereas the Kukai albums stemmed from the 9/11 events in the US, embodied in artistic statements created and recorded as a means to unify all people, “Final Call” is a special project concerning the way we treat our planet. Kitaro says the planet decays and he warns us about the possible severe consequences unless we approach the issues in due time at a global scale. “Final Call” music is an appeal to action and a introspection journey for the listener, to help people discover ways to heal our planet and put them into practice. Tickets for Kitaro’s concert at Palace Hall are available through Vreau Bilet network, at Unirea Shopping Center, second floor, Elisabeta Theatre (Regina Elisabeta Avenue, no 45), at D’Arte Foto, Eminescu bookshop, at the Palace Hall, the central office on Octavian Goga Street, no 24, and online on

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