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December 6, 2022

24 PNL secretaries of state and heads of government agencies, dismissed

Premier Victor Ponta signed yesterday the decisions dismissing several secretaries of state that were backed by PNL, including the presidents and vice presidents of several government agencies. According to Mediafax, those dismissed were 14 secretaries of state from the Health Ministry, the Department for the Relation with Parliament, the Economy, Labor, Culture, Foreign, Transportation and Development ministries, the Agriculture Ministry’s Water Department, the Finance Ministry and two undersecretaries of state from the Transportation Ministry and the Youth and Sport Ministry. Also dismissed were 8 presidents and vice presidents of governmental agencies. According to some sources, the measure came as a consequence of the fact that the PNL leaders signed on Tuesday evening a resolution on leaving the government.
Head of ANAF remains in office
Premier Victor Ponta stated yesterday that Gelu Stefan Diaconu, the head of the National Fiscal Administration Agency (ANAF), backed by PNL in that office, will not be replaced as long as he fulfills or surpasses the budget revenue targets, Ponta pointing out that he is very satisfied with ANAF’s activity in January because revenues have risen by 9 per cent. Asked whether he intends to replace the prefects backed by PNL, the Premier stated that there are no “Liberal prefects” but only representatives of the government within the territory, appointed by the Prime Minister, and some will remain in office while others will “leave,” similarly to what has happened so far.
The day before, Diaconu had stated that he will not resign from the helm of ANAF because such a gesture would have possibly irreparable consequences on the state budget and rational considerations have to prevail over emotional ones. In reply, PNL President Crin Antonescu stated that Diaconu will be excluded from PNL if he is unwilling to fall in line with the decision to leave the government. According to Antonescu, the only Liberal that benefits from “a waiver” from PNL in order to remain in office, as secretary of state, is Stejarel Olaru, who is involved in an important project, the rest of those remaining in office set to be excluded from the party.
Stejarel Olaru, secretary of state within the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s Department for the Relation with Romanians Abroad and member of PNL Diaspora’s Coordination Council, and Dan Manolescu, appointed secretary of state within the Finance Ministry at PNL’s proposal, took part in the government meeting on Wednesday.

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