Eurovision 2014: Paula Seling and Ovi to represent Romania

Paula Seling and Ovi will represent Romania at Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen (Denmark) with the song “Miracle,” winner of the final national selection for Eurovision which took place on Saturday night at “Sica Alexandrescu” Theatre in Brasov and broadcast live on TVR channel. The song “Miracle” performed by Paula Seling and Ovidiu Cernauteanu (Ovi) was composed by Ovidiu Cernauteanu, Phillip Halloun, Victor Forberg Skogberg and Frida Amundsen.
The song “Miracle” representing Romania at Eurovision was selected following the points gained from the expert jury (50 per cent) and by televoting (50 per cent). After the winner of the Eurovision national selection was announced, Ovi said: “We thank you very much. We feel honoured. You have placed a great burned on our shoulders.” As for Paula Seling, she said that “miracles happen, moments like these.” She thanked the other competitors for the show they displayed and for each nice moment they offered to the viewers. “We promise we will do everything we can to make you proud you chose us,” added Paula Seling.
Romania will join the second semifinal of Eurovision contest to take place on May 8 in Copenhagen (Denmark). The international final of Eurovision will take place on May 10 and will be broadcast on TVR as well.
Over time, Romania (under the national television channel-TVR umbrella) participated with songs written in English, Romanian, Italian, even an invented language, inspired by what is known as the Balkan spirit, with eclectic shows or a pop opera interpreted by one of the most famous countertenors of our world (Cezar Ouatu, who participated in 2013).
In 1994, leader of the Holograf music group Dan Bittman sang in Dublin ‘Beyond the Clouds.’ Four years later, in Birmingham, Romania was represented by Malina Olinescu, who sang ‘Eu vreau’ (I want), in the end ranking 22nd.
In 2000, the Taxi music group performed in Stockholm an English song, ‘The Moon.’ Two years later, Romania was represented on the Eurovision stage in Talinn by Monica Anghel and Marcel Pavel, who sang ‘Tell me Why.’ The two artists recorded the best result up to that moment for Romania, ranking 9th in the final contest.
Nicola’s song, ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ won a 10th position for Romania, in Riga. A year later, in Istanbul, Romania was represented by Sanda Ladosi, with her song ‘I Admit.’
In 2005, the Eurovision song contest being held this time in Kiev, Romania climbed up as far as on the 3rd position, with ‘Let Me Try,’ performed by Luminita Anghel and the Sistem group. The next year, Mihai Traistariu, whose song, ‘Tornero,’ probably has one of the most haunting refrains among all the Romanian songs presented in this music competition, came 4th.
In 2007, in the final of this famous song competition, Romanian group Todomondo ranked 13th, after singing ‘Liubi, Liubi, I Love You.’ A year later, in Belgrade, Nico and Vlad ranked 20th, with ‘Pe-o margine de lume’ (At the Edge of the World). In 2009, in Moscow, Romania was represented by Elena, with ‘Balkan Girls.’ In 2010, in Oslo, Paula Seling and Ovi won the best result for Romania so far, 3rd, the same as Luminita Anghel and Sistem. In 2011, in Dusseldorf, Romania was represented by Hotel FM, with ‘Change.’ Two years ago, in the Eurovision final that took place in Baku, the one who sang on behalf of Romania was Mandinga, the song being ‘Zaleilah.’ Last year, in Malmo, Romania was represented by Cezar Ouatu, also known as one of the best countertenors of the world. This time, Cezar wanted to approach a pop-opera, ‘It’s My Life,’ in the end of the music competition ranking 13th.

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