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June 29, 2022

Austria’s post-1990 investments in Romania exceed EUR 4.6 billion

Approximately half an year ago ValeriuZgonea, Chamber of Deputies chairman,stated at a forum organized by the AustrianFederal Economic Chamber in Vienna thateconomic relations between Romania andAustria are very good at the moment, particularlywhere the banking and energyindustries are concerned. “We are glad thatapproximately one third of Austria’s investmentsin Central and Southeast Europe areplaced in Romania, and despite the currentglobal economic context, Austria remainsone of our country’s main investors andbusiness partners,” Valeriu Zgonea said further,adding that Austrian investments inRomania after 1990 amount to over EUR4.6 billion.In addition, the Chamber of Deputieschairman stressed the significant role ofAustrian banks in the Romanian economyand expressed hope that they would continueto promote our country as the businessdestination of major internationalinvestors. “We wish to reiterate our interestin maintaining the high degree of commitmentof Austrian banks and companies, inparticular in the fields of agriculture,renewable energy, environmental protection,infrastructure, and tourism, and intightening the level of cooperation in cofinancingEuropean funded projects orprojects included in the European Union’sDanube Region Strategy,” Valeriu Zgoneaunderlined.

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