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May 9, 2021

Our plans are oriented towards providing products of a very high quality and variety to the Romanian market


sugar factories. What can you tell usabout this acquisition?

What has happenedwith this regard so far and whatare the evolution prospects related tothis acquisition?

This new purchasing intenthas in view the consolidation of the positionheld by Agrana in S-E Europe byincreasing the sugar beet processing capacities,as well as those of raw sugar refining.We are currently waiting for theCompetition Council’s decision withregard to this possible transaction.This is a natural consequence of thedevelopment of S-E European marketsagainst the background of an increasedinterest displayed by investors for thedevelopment potential of this zone.

Do you also contemplate other territorialexpansions by the end of the year?If yes, in which regions?

Our plans are oriented toward providingproducts of a very high quality and varietyto the Romanian market, at correct pricesfor the Romanian consumer. Our sugarproduction from beet has constantlyincreased over the last years and the manufacturingprocess was continuously supportedby important technological investments.

What can you tell us about the starchfactory in Tandarei?

The Tandarei starch factory is part ofthe Starch and Glucose division of Agrana,which is practically a different division thanthe sugar and fruit processing ones; together,these three divisions completely defineAgrana in Europe and at global scale.

How do you expect to end this year,compared to 2013? Will you recruitmore personnel?

If it is possible, pleasealso give us some figures.It is probably not very well known thatthe sugar exchange market suffered a significantdrop last year, which also affectedus. It was a difficult year, when we hadlosses. Against the background of this crisiswe strive to maintain the personnel andwages at the same level and live with thehope that things will get better.

What are Agrana’s plans in Romaniaon a longer term and how does Agranasee the investment it made in our country,after so many years that havepassed since 1998?

Agrana came to Romania in 1998 withthe intention to stay, provide decent jobs,and support both the local production ofsugar and the agricultural output of sugarbeet. During the years that passed sincethen, one can easily notice that it has notabdicated from these desiderata, continuingto develop both as a company and withrespect to the way it influenced the respectivemarket in Romania, through productsof high quality and diversity.Nothing will change, in the future too,as regards the wish for development andhigh performance, resulting in the presentactions and long-term expectations of thecompany, which it demonstrated duringall these years

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