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December 1, 2022

Protest rally of Dacia employees: Some 11,000 people in the street

Approximately 11,000 people, trade unionists from Automobile Dacia and family members, along with trade unionists coming from Craiova, Constanta and Bucharest, rallied Wednesday in front of the Trade Unions’ Cultural House of Mioveni for a protest organised by the Trade Union of Automobile Dacia, requesting authorities to construct the Pitesti – Sibiu motorway, support the professional education and modify the Labour Code, Mediafax informs. Protesters waved billboards reading “Irresponsible political class,” “Down with the government,” “Down with Basescu” and shouted slogans against the government and President Traian Basescu.

According to the union leader of Automobile Dacia, Nicolae Pavelescu, the protestors’ main demands refer to building the Pitesti – Sibiu motorway and supporting the professional education. “If the people of the government had an ounce of patriotism, we would not have been here to shout <<Down with the government!>> Where is the patriotism of those who are leading us? If today we were listened to, we would not have been in this square to shout <<Down with Basescu!>> Why down with Basescu? Because the Labour Code was modified, during his rule, in the interest of others, not of the citizens of Romania,” the Dacia union leader, Nicolae Pavelescu explained.

The deputy leader of the same union, Ion Iordache stressed that participants in the rally have no connection with politics.

“We are today at a moment when investors started losing their interest. (…) We want to be listened to, we want a national programme for the professional education, we want infrastructure, financial support for developing companies, the members of the government should come among us and listen to our problems,” Ion Iordache said.

He and other trade union leaders who spoke to protesters accused the fact that, under the Labour Code, employers hire people with fixed-duration contracts, which is a major reason of discontentment for employees

The protest, which lasted over an hour, ended with the people singing the ‘Hora Unirii’ (Romanian round dance).

Approximately 200 gendarmes secured public order in the area of the rally, according to the Arges County Inspectorate of the Gendarmerie.


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