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April 22, 2021

RAIFFEISEN BANK – We succeed together

For years, Raiffeisen Bank has beenvalued and awarded by some of the mostprestigious national and internationalpublications for its outstanding activity.Yet this year, for the first time, renownedinternational magazines such as GlobalFinance, EMEA Finance, Euromoney, orThe Banker have deemed RaiffeisenBank Best Romanian Bank of 2012.

The unanimous decision to nameRaiffeisen Bank ‘The Romanian Bank of2012’ was not a coincidence. In mid-2013, Steven van Groningen, Presidentof Raiffeisen Bank, said, “For two years,we have been the most profitable bank inthe Romanian banking system and thissays a lot. I expect us to have good resultsin 2013 as well, because we have beentesting the solidity of our business modelunder difficult economic conditions foryears. The size of our bank, coupled withour constant improvement in the level ofefficiency and the continuous increase inquality have allowed us to maintain anddiversify our revenue base. Our prioritiesare still strict cost control and a higherdegree of efficiency, but firstly we wish toensure the clients’ interaction with thebank is positive, and this is an aspect wecan always improve.”Raiffeisen Bank is one of the leadingbanks in the world and offers a completerange of products and services to approximately2 million clients, including100,000 SMEs and 7,500 large and medium-sized corporation. The RaiffeisenBank network consists of 525 agenciescountrywide, 1,100 ATMs, and 11,000EPOS.

Through its specialized retail agencies,it provides services to both individuals andSMEs. The bank has an entire divisiondedicated to corporations with turnoversover EUR 5 million, public entities, andfinancial institutions. Raiffeisen Bank isrepresented by 8 regional corporate centerswhich offer large and medium companiesbanking solutions customized to therequirements of each area of the country inparticular.

The bank is the biggest credit cardissuer in Romania and plays an importantrole in the debit card market, after havinglaunched the first co-branded credit cardembedded with a chip. Raiffeisen Bank hasa wide array of cards: debit and credit, forindividuals and corporates, leu or foreigncurrency-denominated cards, for nationaland international use, Visa and Mastercard.What are Raiffeisen Bank’s goals for2014? “As a universal bank, we implementa strategy that focuses on creating a balancedcredit portfolio both on individualsegments and fields of activity. I could notsay we focus on particular fields, but thereare times when we credit certain industriesmore and others less. This depends on ouranalyses. The quality of our solid risk policywas proven in particular after 2008.

However, there are segments in which wewish to grow more, namely SMEs andmedium-sized corporations. Moreover,credit cards are a category of products weare market leaders in, a position we wish toconsolidate. The most important aspect forus has been and still is our relationship withclients, which we are constantly seeking toimprove,” says Steven van Groningen.

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