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February 4, 2023

Basescu: Romania to participate staff to OSCE Ukraine mission

European Council conclusions demand Russia allows immediate access to international observers.

Romanian President TraianBasescu said in Brussels that theConclusions of the EuropeanCouncil held on Thursdaydemand the immediate withdrawalof the Russian Federation’sArmed Forces to their permanentbase as well as to allow the access ofthe international observers.‘Romania was the first state tocall the intervention in Ukraine anaggression. Furthermore, the conclusionsof today’s (Thursday’s -editor’s note) Council condemnthe violation of the sovereignty andterritorial integrity of Ukraine. Bythe Conclusions, it is demandedthat the Armed Forces of theRussian Federation immediatelywithdraw to their permanent base.They also demand the RussianFederation to immediately allowthe access of the internationalobservers,’ Basescu said at the endof the European Council meetingon the situation in Ukraine.The European Council calls onRussia to immediately start negotiationswith the Government ofUkraine so as to get results beforethe next meeting in Brussels that isdue in two weeks; otherwise,actions might be taken such asimposing travel restrictions on certainofficials, or freezing Russianassets located in the EU, also saidPresident Basescu.As for Romania’s involvement,Traian Basescu said it would play arole in resolving the situation inUkraine and added that, earlier inthe day, he approved Romania’sparticipating by experts in theOSCE mission. ‘I have alreadyapproved the participation, duringthe Council, by intelligenceexperts and we’ll see afterwardswhat we can contribute, but wewill certainly play a role, becausewe have proved to have a goodknowledge of the situation inUkraine,’ Basescu explained. ‘Wealso have 400,000 Romanianspeakers in Ukraine, we also have a650-km long border, we also havea frozen conflict 100 km awayfrom the eastern border,Transdnestr, and another conflict,let us see what it will be like in theend, in Crimea, 140 nautical milesoff the Romanian coast of theBlack Sea, which is less than a tenhourmarch for a frigate,’ also saidBasescu.‘I have emphasized in myspeech the fact that Romania hasno arms contracts, has no majoreconomic interests in the relationwith the Russian Federation, therefore,we are a country that can anytimehave a balanced position,’Traian Basescu added.President Basescu announcedas well that he expressly askedUkrainian Premier ArseniyYatsenyuk that the law by whichthe Romanian language loses itsstatus of a regional languageshould be annulled, and that theyshould not only postpone sine dieits promulgation by the interimPresident.


The first mission of theEuropean People’s Party (EPP) is tomake sure it will win the May electionsfor the European Parliamentand I am certain this will happen,Romanian President TraianBasescu said in an address to theEPP Congress here on Friday. TheEPP Congress designated Jean-Claude Juncker, Luxembourg ex-PM, to run for the EuropeanCommission chairmanship elections.According to Traian Basescu,the European elections will be notonly a time of the confirmationthat the European Union populationhas understood what the EPPdid during the crisis, but also adecisive moment to say NO toxenophobes, Euro-sceptics andultranationalists. (…) I can see noother European grouping capableof ensuring long-lasting growth,creating jobs and particularly capableof loving united Europe as theEPP loves it,’ Basescu said, thankingEuropean CommissionPresident Jose Manuel Barroso forthe assistance given Romania duringthe crisis.


Romanian President TraianBasescu on Friday at the EuropeanPeople’s Party Congress in Dublin,called on the European Union totake stronger position towardsRussia as regards the Ukraine crisisand on Moscow to let the othercountries choose their futurepaths.‘(…)There are voices in all thecountries of the former SovietUnion strongly against the pro-Europe direction, we saw it inUkraine, in the Republic ofMoldova, as well as in Armeniaand we shall see this oppositionalso in Georgia. Therefore, I wantto draw attention to the fact thaton the one hand, there is a strongopposition in all these countriesagainst the EU path and on theother hand Moscow has difficultyaccepting these countries no longerbelong to it and cannot be controlled.I believe we have the obligationnow, given the situation inUkraine, to tell our friends inMoscow: ‘Let each country decidefor itself what future path to follow,according to the will of itspeople,’ Traian Basescu said at theend of his address to the EPPCongress.

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