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December 2, 2021

Cigarettes – more expensive starting April 1

Cigarettes will become more expensive, starting April 1, by RON 0.3-0.5 for a package, as the total excise will increase from EUR 81.78/1,000 cigarettes to EUR 84.37/1,000 cigarettes and the excise on petrol and diesel will also go up 7 eurocents/liter, according to market estimations quoted by Mediafax. A draft Government Decision issued by the Ministry of Finance, starting April 1, 2014 the level of the specific excise will be EUR 59.77/1,000 cigarettes, compared to EUR 56.71/1,000 cigarettes now. The ‘ad valorem’ excise will slightly diminish from 19 percent to 18 percent and the minimal excise for April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015 will be EUR 81.5/1,000 cigarettes, up from EUR 79/1,000 cigarettes now. “One can notice a decrease of the percentage of the ad valorem excise, compared to the retail price and an increase of the level of the specific excise – the fixed component of the total excise, which concords with the principle of fiscal consolidation, which ensures a collection level of budget incomes that is higher and fix, regardless of the price,” reads the justification note attached to the draft HG. Such a measure has impact especially on cheaper cigarettes and acts toward getting their prices closer to those in the premium category. At the beginning of the year, the excise duties for all products increased by 4.77 pc, because the government decided to enforce the average inflation rate calculated in September upon the exchange rate of 2012.

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