Closer to universe in special Kitaro concert in Bucharest

The music of Japanese artist Kitaro could finally be heard at the Palace Hall amid a public who had impatiently expected his sounds seemingly derived from a perfect world. It was the first time the Japanese maestro came to Romania and the concert was part of the first tournament of the artist in Eastern Europe “2014 Symphonic World Tour.” In the roughly two hours of  mystical musical journey, 36 talented instrumentalists from Santa Rosa Symphony conducted by Stephen Small joined Kitaro on the stage, along with Keiko Takahashi (keyboard and special effects), Dan Antunovich (bass), Jasper de Roos (drums), Jessica Hindin (violin).
In the opening of the remarkable concert, Marius Mihalache went on stage, known as the absolute maestro of cimbalom, enthralling the public for about half an hour with his ability to make the most of the instrument that made him famous. Marius Mihalache’s display was perfect as the cimbalom’s sounds harmoniously mingled with a bass guitar.
Back to Kitaro, one can say there is no secret his music is unique and sends a message of spirituality and mysticism, appealing to inner peace. The artist created all these feelings through his synthesizer, able to embody everything related to Earth and Universe.
Although he came a little late, as the fans were anxious to see and listen to him, the Japanese artist stepped on the stage shortly after 8 pm. He started his show with the song “Mercury,” a hymn to nature, interpreted with the aid of flute. Songs such as “Silk Road,” “Hajimari,” “Sozo,” “Koi,” “Orochi,” “Matsuri,” “Nageki” or “Reimei” unleashed the music fantasy and made time stand still and we dared to dream to an era where harmony, peace and love will reign on the entire planet. Prior to the encore, Kitaro said a few words to the Romanian public to confess how good he felt in Romania, concluding he should come more often here. He received ovations from the public and was applauded for a long time.
“We are honoured to be the organizers of the first concert of Kitaro in Romania and we are glad that we reached our goal through efforts and perseverance. Fans from other countries will be able to enjoy our achievement because a whole European tournament came from the schedule of Bucharest tournament,” said officials of the Maria Domina Cultural Association, the event organizers.
Pioneer of the new age music, Kitaro started on the international stage together with Far East Family Band, with whom he held concerts all over the world. The tournaments with the Japanese band helped him discover and create his own style. He amazes the entire world with his unmistakable sounds which combine in a unique manner the old and new music. His artistic activity is impressive. Kitaro was nominated to the Grammys for many times and won it in 2001 with the album “Thinking of You&.” He got a Golden Globe for the soundtrack of the movie “Heaven&Earth.” The 25-plus studio albums are deemed real masterpieces and reported colossal sales with dozens of millions sold all over the world.

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