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May 16, 2021

Industrial turnover up more than 12 pc in January

The industrial turnover for the combined domestic and external market was up by 12.2 percent in nominal terms in this January from January 2013, but it was down 2.3 percent as compared to the prior month, the National Institute for Statistics announced on Monday.
The January 2014 vs.December 2013 decrease was the result of 10.8 percent cuts in the mining industry and 2 percent contraction in the processing industry. By major industrial groups, drops were recorded in the consumer goods industry (9.8 pc), the energy industry (8.5 pc) and the capital goods industry (2.4 pc). Rises were posted by the consumer durables industry at 7.9 percent and the intermediate goods industry at 4.3 percent. The 12.2 percent January-on-January growth came thanks to the processing industry, that grew 13.2 percent. The mining industry dropped by 9.2 percent. By major industrial groups, rises in turnover were recorded by the consumer durables industry (19.6 pc), the capital goods industry (12.7 pc), the consumer goods industry (12.6 pc), the intermediate goods industry (12.3 pc) and the energy industry (7.2 pc).
According to the same INS data, the overall industrial new orders (domestic and non-domestic market) increased in nominal terms by 9.7 percent in January 2014, compared to January 2013, but they were down 1.1 percent from December 2013. The positive trend is due to advances in the consumer durable goods (46.7 pc), consumer non-durables (11.6 pc), capital goods (9.4 pc), and intermediate goods (7.6 pc).
New orders shrunk by 1.1 in January 2014 on a December 2013 basis following the 8 percent decrease of the capital goods industry. The consumer durables advanced 52.1 percent, the consumer non-durables 13.4 percent, and the intermediate goods 5 percent, also compared to the previous month.

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