International Women’s Day celebrated all over Romania

The International Women’s Day celebratedon March 8 was firstly anembodiment of the working women’sdesire to get some rights, but in time itturned into an opportunity to celebratewomanhood and the representatives ofthe fair sex, regardless of race and religion,Mediafax informs. The day ofMarch 8 had long been perceived as amoment when women’s social andpolitical rights were asserted, as well astheir progress. In Cluj-Napoca onWomen’s Day, 1,384 women broke therecord of simultaneously painting lipsfor a minute.As each March 8, the police forceshared flowers and small gifts towomen in traffic as drivers, passengersor pedestrians, the Romanian Policereports. With this occasion, PrimeMinister Victor Ponta was wishing allRomanian women ‘Happy anniversary!’on March 8, the InternationalWomen’s Day. ‘On March 8, 2015,we will meet again in a more harmonious,peaceful country. If a womanfeels protected in her home and hercountry, than each man, young andold, will have a better life,’ Ponta tolda meeting on Saturday, quoted byAgerpres. The PSD leader, accompaniedby his daughter, his wife and hismother, joined thousands of femaleSocial-Democratic representatives fromall over the country in celebratingMarch 8 at a meeting called ‘TheSocial Democratic Spring,’ at PalaceHall in Bucharest City. As for USEmbassy Charge d’Affaires DuaneButcher, he said when he came toRomania seven years ago, he met inRomania many women determined tomake this country more peaceful andprosperous, during a message sent onFriday on occasion of theInternational Women’s Day. Accordingto the data released by the NationalStatistics Institute (INS), there aremore women than men in Romania,with the percentage of Romanianwomen being 51.4 percent of the totalpopulation, and their life expectancyat birth being longer by 7 years comparedto the men’s.0

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