Billy Idol returns to Romania

Events presents: Billy Idol returns to Romania! Rock legend Billy Idol invites his fans on June 29 at Arenele Romane in Bucharest. The next day, June 30, Idol will sing in premiere at Cluj, on the Cluj Arena, in a concert organised by Amprenta Advertising. Tickets for both events were already put on sale, reads a press release. Pre-sale: Regular tickets for the Bucharest concert of Billy Idol are available at the promotional price of RON 128.4 until March 25. Starting March 26 until the day before the concert, the tickets cost RON 160.5. On June 29, at the concert hall, tickets will be available at a price of RON 181.9. Golden Ring tickets do not make the object of the presale and are available at a price of RON 214 until the day of the show, when they will cost RON 235.4. Tickets are available online at, or in the Eventim network (the Germanos, Vodafone, Orange, Domo shops, the Humanitas and Carturesti bookshops). They can also be paid in two monthly instalments, with CardAvantaj, at the Eventim headquarter, 15 Polona Street, Bucharest.
From a pioneer of punk to planetary superstar, Billy Idol has been a symbol for over three decades, as he made his unique musical niche. He earned the respect of fans because he was able, from the very beginning, to bring the arrogance of punk in the mainstream pop and rock, with songs that became evergeens. As energetic as always, Idol once again hits the road in the summer of 2014, allowing several generations of fans to sing with him in a show that will include all his hits. He is joined by his longtime partner, himself a legend, Steve Stevens (guitar).
A member of the Bromley Contingent band, a fan of Sex Pistols, Billy Idol was the lead vocal of popular British punk band Generation X from 1976 until its break-up in 1981. He then decided to try his luck in America and teamed up with guitar genius Steve Stevens in a major musical partnership. From then on, Billy launched hit after hit, including “Rebel Yell,” “White Wedding,” “Dancing With Myself,” “Flesh For Fantasy,” “Hot In the City,” “Eyes Without A Face,” “Cradle of Love” and many others.
In October 2014, Billy Idol will launch his autobiography “Dancing with myself”, along with his first studio album since 2005.

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