IGSU report: Over 200 death toll of fires in 2013

Ponta: Arafat appointed as weapon to stop political attacks

More than 200 people died and almost 460 were injured in 2013 in Romania due to fires which affected an average of 15 houses a day, according to the report of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU) on 2013.
According to the report material, 204 people died in 2013 of whom 22 were children, and 458 were injured, 30 of whom were children, as 87 percent of the victims were victims of fires located in houses. In 2013, there were 5,589 fires in houses (26 percent of the total fires), an average of 15 houses a day. Most fires, 1,617, broke in Bucharest. The firefighters had 9,353 rescue interventions in other emergency situations. They saved last year 5,393 people, 10,772 domestic animals and 45,369 poultry last year, following 311,188 interventions. However, ISU management complained that half of their fire engines belonging to IGSU are older than 20 years and that the headquarters of the Inspectorate is located in a building with seismic risk.
PM Victor Ponta, present yesterday at the IGSU report, said that Raed Arafat was appointed at the helm of the Department for Emergency Situations (DSU) as a “weapon” aiming to stop the political attacks on institutions he is going to coordinate. “When your institutions will be criticized, this will usually happen with no real reason, only on political grounds, like “Let’s criticize how they acted in that place, maybe we will get a political advantage,” and then we decided that the best weapon to be protected from this plague of the Romanian society is to name at the helm of the Department a person who worked in multiple governments, and who cannot possibly be accused of political bias, Raed Arafat, so that we could keep all your structures both central and local totally separated from political decisions and influences,” said Ponta quoted by Mediafax.
The Head of Government thanked the IGSU members for the manner they acted last year and claimed the media does not reflect their activity as they should. “Surely the good things you did stand little chance to be seen in the news, and if an intervention fails out of 1,000 successful, it is likely that you will see that one but this is part of the everyday injustice, if you want,” the PM told those present, attacking the media in this context and some TV moderators “who believe themselves more capable than the ISU members.”

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