President Basescu lashes out against Parliament, Government

MP Chitoiu case: Parliamentary majority refused again today to let Justice be free.

President Traian Basescu launched another attack upon the Parliament and Ponta Government on Tuesday night, telling a press conference held at Cotroceni Palace that the Parliament vote in the case of former liberal Finance Minister Daniel Chitoiu confirms that Ponta Government is corrupt.
He denounced that the parliamentary majority again refused to let Justice be free as it denied a request from the attorney general to start a criminal investigation of MP Daniel Chitoiu of the National Liberal Party (PNL). ‘I have noticed that the parliamentary majority has once again refused today to let Justice be free, even if the Romanian Parliament is being accused in the EU report on corruption in all the 28 member states of the EU, where special mention is being made of the Romanian Parliament as an institution that obstructs justice independence. In the progress report under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism judiciary institutions are commended but Parliament is mentioned as the institution violating the rule of law and blocking justice,’ Basescu said at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.
“I believe the parliamentary majority and especially PSD, together with UDMR in this issue, denied the investigation of an act of corruption within the government,” said Basescu.
According to the President, this latest episode bears another implication as well, as it referred to an investigation regarding the manner in which an emergency Government ordinance, 94/2013 on the Financial Supervisory Authority ASF, was “issued and manipulated by various politicians and confirms the fact that Ponta Government is corrupt.” “If they had given the green light for Chitoiu to be investigated, they would have certainly had to say how he got the approval from the prime minister and how open the PM was with an emergency ordinance, which failed to pass through all the ministers, to be approved overnight,” said Traian Basescu. According to the Head of State, what Daniel Chitoiu told the Parliament about the ordinance on ASF are “lies” which seemed like an excuse. The Head of State added that PM Victor Ponta knows what this is all about and he referred to the incompatibilities he warned about in the re-examination request, saying that the Parliament rejected his notification.
The President reminded about the countless times the Parliament refused to authorize the criminal investigation against dignitaries. “There is a large number of MPs for whom the criminal investigation has been requested but rejected in the Parliament, namely Varujan Vosganian, Laszlo Borbely, Victor Paul Dobre and, as of today, Daniel Chitoiu, but also MPs for whom lifting immunity was denied in order for them to be arrested, deputy Cosma Vlad Alexandru and deputy Ion Stan. … These are all politicians that go way back, who are part of the corruption and float through the Parliament with an equal solidarity from everyone. This is the major issue of the Parliament,” said the Head of State. The President continued his attacks on the Parliament saying that, regardless of the parties ruling or in opposition, these people and their colleagues in the parliamentary groups unreservedly defend them even at the expense of harming Romania’s image and the Romanian state, as political will against corruption.”
“Tariceanu, an Antonescu substitute”
The President launched an attack also against the newly-created alliance between PM Ponta and Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, elected as Senate president following Crin Antonescu’s resignation. He said he will cooperate with the new Senate president at an institutional level, same as with Victor Ponta or Valeriu Zgonea. “I will cooperate with Calin Popescu-Tariceanu the same, even if, in my opinion, he is an Antonescu substitute. … Victor Ponta wanted to maintain the PNL-Victor Ponta team or Crin Antonescu-Victor Ponta team and now pats Tariceanu on the back and will call him “Crinut” because he needed a replacement,” commented the Head of State.
Traian Basescu called once again on the Government not to introduce the tax on fuel, as it is not necessary. ‘I am saying it once again as I said it at the right time: this additional tax is not necessary, considering the fact that in the state budget there is enough hidden money for us to give up the additional tax. … I am calling on the Government and Parliament … not to introduce this additional tax as it will raise consumer prices,’ said the Head of State.
On pardoning and PMP
As for the pardoning requests submitted for Gica Popescu and George Becali, the president said that he had encountered no reason so far in favour of the amnesty during his mandate, saying he will ponder over the case. He pointed out though, that the president can harm justice through amnesty.
As for the Popular Movement Party, which he initiated himself, the Head of State said no one can stop him from supporting and voting for PMP, even if he does not have to right to join a political party now.

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