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January 28, 2022

Art critic Serge Fauchereau awarded Doctor Honoris Causa title of University of Bucharest

The University of Bucharest on Friday awarded the Doctor Honoris Causa title to the French literary and art critic Serge Fauchereau, especially famed for his studies of the most important painters and sculptors of the modernist period.
Academician Eugen Simion was the one chosen to read the Laudatio for Fauchereau. An admirer of the French critic, Simion talked about his refined style, stripped of any ornament. ‘Critics don’t need to wear a tailcoat to gain respect … In fact, I believe that this is one of the first occasions when I see Serge Fauchereau wearing a tie,’ the Academician said in amusement.
Serge Fauchereau was born on October 31, 1939. He worked as a Professor of American Literature for the University of New York, Stony Brook, and then for the University of Texas, Austin (1973-76) and for the Institut des Hautes Etudes en Arts Plastiques (1986-1994).
Some of his works were translated into Romanian: ‘Introducere in poezia americana moderna’ (Introduction to Modern American Poetry), Minerva, 1974, ‘Deplasari’ (Dislocations), Paralela 45, 1996, ‘Pe urmele lui Brancusi’ (Following on Brancusi’s Footsteps), Univers Enciclopedic, 1999, ‘Tinerii din Mareuil’ (Young People from Mareuil), MNLR, 2013. Serge Fauchereau can also be considered an incorruptible philo-Romanian, for he translated poems by Lucian Blaga and Marin Sorescu from Romanian into French. Brancusi is one of his oldest passions, Fauchereau being the author of the work ‘Sur les pas de Brancusi’ (1995). By awarding the Doctor Honoris Causa title to Serge Fauchereau, the University of Bucharest received in its academic community a world famous art critic, whose volumes on cubism, expressionism and on artists such as Brancusi, Arp, Braque, Leger, Mondrian or Malevici, are reference works in the field.

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