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September 27, 2021

Liberals talk about possible Extraordinary Congress

Tensions within PNL are running high, as increasingly more members of the party are considering holding an Extraordinary Congress to replace the party’s leader. Among those who believe Crin Antonescu, PNL chairman, is to blame for the current situation is Liberal Senator Cristian Bodea. “I was shocked by Crin Antonescu’s statement in Valcea, that ‘We, Liberals, cannot compete with the enormous machine that is now PSD.’ I beg your pardon?! Well, I strongly disagree… Moreover, I don’t ever want to hear the man who is chairman of my party and, in several months, will be the president of Romania, speak like this!” the senator noted in an open letter addressed to his colleagues, published on his blog, and cited by Romania TV. According to Bodea, the Liberals are displeased that PNL is no longer part of the governing alliance and, consequently, that they no longer have access to state budget financing. “The mayors and county council chairmen feel like birds in a cage. (…) All the members of party branches are crying like it’s the end of the world… And they all blame Crin Antonescu…” the senator pointed out. Bodea is also of the opinion PNL should aspire to more than 20 percent in May’s EP elections, which is the minimum target set by Crin Antonescu. “PNL should appoint the future prime minister of Romania! PNL should become a 30 percent party by the 2016 elections! This is the project we should undertake now, today! In 2016, Romania should be a Liberal country!” he concluded.

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