Court to rule if chief of Hungarian Guard is declared persona non grata

Chief of Hungarian Guard in Ardeal Mikola Bela is the first Hungarian extremist Romania might declare as persona non grata, the appeal being analyzed at Bucharest Court of Appeal. According to the law, a persona non grata is immediately escorted to the border or to the country of origin by the personnel of the Romanian Office for Immigration. A EU citizen can be declared persona non grata for a period between a year and ten. Declaring a EU citizen persona non grata is ruled by the Court of Appeal and is enforced immediately.
Regarding this issue, President Traian Basescu said on Monday that the Szeklerland is a domestic issue of Romania, voicing hope that the steps taken by the Ministry of Internal Affairs against Hungarian citizens will signal that Romania will no longer tolerate ‘others telling us what to do.’’(…) What have I disliked (at the events organized in Romania on the Day of Hungarians from Everywhere)? I disliked the resumption by Hungarian citizens, politicians coming from Budapest, of the support for the administrative organization of the Szeklerland,’ the Head of State said on Monday at Adevarul Live, an online video streaming talk show hosted by Adevarul newspaper.
He declared his hope that the steps taken by the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be a signal that Romania no longer tolerates such rhetoric.  ‘Romanian politicians campaigning in Spain or Italy never said in Spain that Catalonia should be autonomous; you are a guest; you don’t interfere in administrative organization topics of a neighbouring state or of a friendly state…. ,’ Basescu explained.

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