Greece backs Romania’s Schengen accession

The statement was made yesterday by Greek Premier Antonis Samaras at the end of his meeting with his Romanian counterpart Victor Ponta.

Greece backs Romania’s Schengen accession, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras stated yesterday in Athens at the end of his meeting with his Romanian counterpart Victor Ponta. He pointed out that he talked with the Romanian Premier and they both reached common conclusions in what concerns regional and European cooperation, pointing out that in his opinion South-East European states have to be integrated within the EU and NATO systems.
Premier Victor Ponta stated in his turn that “everyone” knows that from a technical point of view all Schengen accession criteria have been fulfilled, a political decision being required. “All of us already know that from a technical point of view all criteria have been fulfilled. There is the need for a final political decision and I want to thank Greece and Prime Minister Samaras in particular for the official and unofficial support they are giving Romania and Bulgaria so that this final European integration overture receives a positive answer as soon as possible,” Ponta said, being quoted by Mediafax.
On the other hand, the Premier said that Romania and Greece have the potential to pass the one-billion euro bilateral trade barrier and it is in both sides’ interest to keep the competitive trend of the national economies. “We discussed the economic relations and I want to say I very much appreciate all the Greek companies that invested and are investing in Romania and create jobs. I think that the development of our economic relations will be in the interest of both countries. We are together fighting the greatest danger existing in Europe at this moment, namely youth unemployment. The Greek youths, the Romanian youths, the Spanish youths should have from us prospects for the future, a chance to find a job, to have a career, because otherwise our efforts will have proved inefficient on the medium- and long-term. We most certainly have the same preoccupation that the economies of our two countries, that emerged from long downturn periods, should remain competitive, that we should together increase our exports and the competitiveness level,” Ponta said.
The Romanian prime minister stressed that Romania and Greece should find solutions for “reasonable energy prices”, based on common economic policies, if they want to have competitive economies. Samaras, in turn, underscored the importance of the bilateral relations and the need to take them to a higher level. During his visit to Athens, Ponta also met Greek President Karolos Papoulias (photo). Later in the day, the Romanian head of government was to travel to Tirana, where he was scheduled to meet Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, the Parliament speaker and the president of Albania.

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