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May 18, 2021

Transnistria demands to be integrated into Russia

Moldovan President labels the action as “counterproductive,” has meeting scheduled today with President Basescu in Iasi. Support from Romanian Government for the pro-European Government in Chisinau headed by Iurie Leanca reaffirmed.

One day after President Traian Basescu warned over the possibility of a repeating Crimea scenario in Transnistria, the speaker of the Tiraspol Parliament, Mihail Burla sent a letter to the speaker of the State Duma (the Lower House) of Russia, Sergeyi Naraskin, asking him to examine the possibility of Transnistria being incorporated into Russia.
The request came as consequence of a draft law proposed by the deputies of the ‘Right Russia’ Party on simplifying the annexation procedure of new territories to the Russian Federation, BBC reports, quoting the Russian magazine Vedomosti. The president of the Supreme Soviet in Tiraspol mentioned that the draft law only makes it possible to annex Crimea, but not Transnistria.
“Moldovan authorities certainly cannot be named ineffective. More than that, Transnistria might be in the position of holding a referendum under the Moldovan legislation, but a breakaway republic has its own legislation. The authorities of the Republic of Moldova have no influence in Transnistria, which could ask Russia to be annexed,” reads the demand, according to Jurnal.md.
The retort of Chisinau authorities came promptly. Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti yesterday said in a press conference that the demand for examining the possibility of Transnistria acceding to Russia, sent to the State Duma by the speaker of the Parliament in Tiraspol, is a “counterproductive” action both for R. of Moldova and for Russia and that such actions “do not allow keeping that international image enjoyed by Russia until now.” “If accepted, it will be a wrong step,” Timofti warned. “R. of Moldova, today, apart for the positions we took so far, cannot adopt others,” President Timofti added, when asked about the position of Chisinau toward this request of the breakaway region. The Moldovan president described as illegal the referendum held in Crimea, saying that R. of Moldova does not recognise it.
On this context, the President of the Republic of Moldova is going to have a meeting today in Iasi, with his Romanian counterpart Traian Basescu, according to Timofti’s press statements on Tuesday in Chisinau. He specified that it will be a brief meeting, upon which the two high officials agreed in a telephone conversation. Timofti suggested that among the topics to be discussed at the meeting there will be also the geopolitical situation in the region. “The premier had an urgent meeting with the premier of Ukraine and they discussed many topics. I will leave to Romania tomorrow to discuss with Traian Basescu. One must live well with the neighbours. Leanca in Kiev, I in Bucharest,” the Moldovan president stated.
The deputy speaker of the Moldovan Parliament, Adrian Candu said yesterday in Bucharest that the new situation in Transnistria, resulting from the statement made by the president of the “so-called” Supreme Soviet, will be managed only through dialogue, also with Kremlin.
“We will manage the situation only through dialogue and consultations with the development partners of R. of Moldova at the level of the EU and globally and, why not, even through dialogue with Kremlin, through dialogue with Russia, because there are all the necessary instruments for this, even through the format of negotiations 5+2, with the participation of OSCE and EU, USA,” Candu said. “There is a dialogue in Chisinau with Tiraspol, via the first deputy PM Karpov, now we should probably intensify the dialogue even more,” the deputy speaker of the Moldovan Parliament added.
Asked if the incorporation of Transnistria into Russia could start a conflict in the region, Candu answered: “I don’t even want to think about it and I hope we will not be in the position of discussing incorporation, at least not now. We hope the country will reintegrate, because we need a stability element in the region.”
Another Moldovan official preset yesterday in Romania, the governor of the National Bank of Moldova, Dorin Dragutanu said during the ASPEN conference organised by the National Bank of Romania that the geographic location of R. of Moldova has been permanently seen as an economic advantage, but these days it apparently does not represent an asset anymore.
Geoana: Slim chances of repeating Crimea scenario in Tiraspol case
Present at the same ASPEN conference, PSD Senator Mircea Geoana, former Foreign Affairs Minister, said the chances that the Crimea scenario might repeat in Transnistria are much slimmer, adding that he trusts the letter from the Supreme Soviet in Tiraspol will not get a positive answer in Moscow. “There are much slimmer chances of replicating what happened in Crimea to occur in Transnistria as well, due to the fact that there is a stable, legitimate Government in the Republic of Moldova, recognized by the Russian Federation,” said Geoana, who condemned the letter sent on Tuesday by the “so-called Supreme Soviet in Tiraspol” to the Russian State Duma, saying this gesture is unacceptable, being a “direct gesture against the sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova.”
According to Geoana, by confirming the decision to absorb Crimea, the Kremlin adopted a military aggressive approach, saying that the international community must be consequently stand united and firm in rejecting such a policy. “This is a very severe decision, which flagrantly breaches the International Law and which basically stirs the entire West and the entire international community to continue an economic and diplomatic confrontation with Russia, which we do not want,” said Geoana. Under these circumstances, the social-democratic senator voiced his hope that the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation should understand in the days to come that the escalation of the game with the West is not one to win, as it brings damages both to Europe and the Russian Federation and the Russian people. However, the former minister of Foreign Affairs believes NATO, Europe, the US and Canada do not have the interest to get into a new form of Cold War with the Russian Federation, admitting however that the Russian Federation can create difficulties globally in the situations of Syria, Iran and North-Korea.
Minister of Budget Liviu Voinea said at the ASPEN that defending democracy and the European values are not achieved by the carrot-and-stick approach and such policy cannot be applied in the case of Ukraine, as democracy is not a garden where carrots are growing, the minister referring to the approach involving the complementary use of reward and punishment as motivational tools.
Transnistria on agenda during meeting between Ponta and Greek PM
After the meeting held yesterday in Athens with the Greek PM, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said the pro-European government in Chisinau must be supported and that Romania has the interest to support this government because any attack against them supports the communists. “I will reassert the support of the Romanian Government for the pro-European government in Chisinau, led by PM Leanca. I believe Romania has the interest to support this government and I believe any attack against PM Leanca is a support for Voronin and for communists,” said Ponta.
According to Ponta, Greece, which holds the Presidency of the EU Council, is ready to offer his ‘entire support’ for the signing by the Republic of Moldova and Georgia of the association agreement with the European Union, maybe even ‘in July.’ ‘Romania has a natural and fundamental obligation to support the Republic of Moldova, by any possible means. I believe that the concrete things Romania can do for Moldova, in addition to what the European Union already does, are to support the infrastructure in education and energy in this country […] and help develop the democratic institutions, this is what I believe that Romania can do more for Moldova, in addition to what the European Union already does, and this is what we do every day in fact,’ Ponta said.
Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Titus Corlatean and other foreign ministers of the EU member states asked, during a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) of Monday, for the speeding up, if possible, of signing the association agreements with the Republic of Moldova and Georgia, actions that are scheduled to be taken by the end of August.
As for Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, he said during the conference held with Victor Ponta that Europe maintains a clear position that all issues should be solved peacefully, with solutions that respect the independence and autonomy of each country, because “movement of troops” lead to world tension and possibly to the background of a new Cold War. About the Republic of Moldova, Samaras confirmed his visit in Moldova will take place in April.

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