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June 13, 2021

Basescu: I think Putin leers mostly at the Danube’s mouths

According to the President, we are not at risk, but border change in the region is not ruled out.

President Traian Basescu was Saturday at a rally of the People’s Movement Party, also attended by the mayors who sympathise with the foundation, including the mayor of Cluj, former PM Emil Boc, and launched several messages referring to the situation in Crimea and also to Romanian politics.
Regarding Crimeea, President Traian Basescu said that a border change in the region was not ruled out, although it did not represent any risk to Romania.
‘We are not at such risk, but the border change in the region is not ruled out and maybe those who blamed me when I said ‘the Black Sea, Russian lake,’ now, after they have seen Crimea taken over, will say I was right. Because this is what the Black Sea seems to have become, when it has a chain of frozen conflicts all over and, in addition, Crimea pulled from Ukraine’s territory and annexed to the Russian Federation,’ Basescu said at the debate organised by the People’s Movement Organisation.
According to the President, there are risks for Transnistria, but ‘Putin leers mostly at the Danube’s mouths.’ ‘I see Putin leers mostly, if we take a look at the history of the Federation and of the Russian Empire, he leers mostly at the Danube’s mouths. I believe he leers at Transnistria, Odessa and the Danube’s mouths, at this area. I do not know if this will happen, but I have done my job to warn our allies. I hope it will not happen, but these risks certainly exist,’ Traian Basescu underscored.
In context, he said that the measures taken were meant to be a signal that the civilized world does not accept the manner in which the Russian Federation and President Putin act, ‘it has been and is an aggression to Ukraine.’ ‘I believe that aggression acts will follow, not against the NATO member states, but in places NATO does not exist, nothing exists for Putin. And, after his current behaviour, I allow myself to think that in President Putin’s mind there is only his own will. That is why I am concerned with the future developments, even if there is no direct peril of aggression to Romania, to a Baltic state or to Poland,’ Basescu said.
In his opinion, ‘there is a profound concern that after 1968 it is the first time when in Europe occurs the invasion and annexing of the territory of one state to another state by force or by threat of force.’ The concern is, the head of state added, that after the behaviour of the Russian Federation, ‘no one can currently rule out the next steps, aimed at Transnistria or the Republic of Moldova, or the east of Ukraine, or Odessa.’
‘If you ask me, and this is what I maintained in the talks held in Brussels, the Russian Federation will not invade the east of Ukraine, but will control it through the people who will be appointed in administration, because it is pointless to break up Ukraine. They need the votes of those in the east to elect a person of their liking as President, on May 25,’ Basescu said.
Basescu to PMP: You cannot be my successors if you do not win
President Traian Basescu on Saturday told the representatives of PMP that they cannot be his “successors” if they do not win the elections, which means a two-digit score in the elections for the European Parliament and maybe even give the candidate of the right in the presidential elections of this year.
“You cannot be my successors if you do not win. For you to be able to do what you say you want to do – continue the modernisation of Romania started by Emil Boc and me – you must win. This means two digits in the European elections, contribution in the presidential elections, if not even the candidate of PMP to be the candidate of the right in the presidential elections and 30 pc in 2016,” Traian Basescu told the PMP representatives at the end of the debate organised by the People’s Movement Foundation. “I assure you that, as much as I can, as acting president, I will support the foundation first, but also the party, because I want it to be the only party founded after ’91 that also succeeds being in the government,” Traian Basescu said. He added that, when he had the idea of creating the People’s Movement Foundation, the project was that, after he ends his presidential mandate, the People’s Movement to generate a party, but this party was already founded. In fact, the head of state warned the members of PMP that, if they adopt “the logic of old parties,” this “does not mean a progress for the country,” adding that “the logic of founding” this party was to continue the processes of reform and consolidation of the rule of law.
The president also told the representatives of the People’s Movement that state institutions must be allowed to operate, without political influences, and people no longer want to her about politically appointing inspectors, chiefs of the medical system, education, ANAF, and these offices must be occupied by people with professional reputation.
In this context he lashed out at institutions like ANAF, OPC and ANSVSA, which he said that, instead of being institutions of the rule of law, they belong to parties, so there are “good and bad tax dodgers”. “Why was it necessary that SRI learns and places under surveillance a spoiled meet network? Because OPC and ANSVSA are party institutions, instead of being institutions of the rule of law,” Basescu exemplified.
The president also criticised the process of decentralisation, saying that the essence is no longer continuing the process of decentralisation, but the correct financing. He argued that transferring the health, environment and education departments to County Councils would create islands of authority at CJ and the government would be deprived of inspection and control instruments.
The head of state recollected the times when he was mayor of Bucharest, saying that this was the most beautiful time in his political career.
While in Braila, PNL leader Crin Antonescu criticised Saturday the Basescu’s involvement in the PMP campaign, saying that he expects to see the president getting involved in the PMP campaign for the European elections by offering apples to voters, distributing posters or even taking people to polls with his Logan automobile. “It is regrettable that, even as his mandate draws to an end, the president politically compromises himself, that – as someone said – at least he should have campaigned for a big party, as it is funny with a party like this,” Antonescu mentioned.

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