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August 18, 2022

Official: Energy solutions, for population included, to be announced today

The National Uranium Company (CNU) will merge with nuclear energy producer Nuclearelectrica, Razvan Nicolescu, Minister Delegate for Energy, stated Saturday on Antena 3, as cited by Agerpres. “One of my priorities is to make sure we will not depend on others for uranium fuel on the long term. We will start a project aimed at integrating CNU into Nuclearelectrica. Romania is the only country with a full nuclear cycle in the EU; we are not dependent upon anybody,” Razvan Nicolescu stated.
He added that the National Uranium Company would undergo a restructuring process in the future.
When asked whether Romania’s energy independence also refers to shale gas, Nicolescu replied it is too early to say. “My being appointed brings nothing new in this respect; the Government will carry on cautiously with its shale gas exploration policy. We must be certain whether or not we have this resource. It is premature to speak about conclusive reserves, since we haven’t dug any wells,” Nicolescu pointed out. He remarked that while 40 or 50 wells were dug in Poland, the results invalidated the initial optimistic outlook.
In addition, the minister underlined he and Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta have been working together to find solutions for the energy sector. “On Monday, Prime Minister Victor Ponta will announce a package of measures to be implemented in the energy field. In the last few days, I have worked with the PM, who has dealt with this matter personally, with the Prime Minister’s counselors, my team from the Energy Department, Mr. Minister Nita (editor’s note – Constantin Nita, Minister of Economy), the Competition Council, and the team from ANRE (editor’s note – the National Agency for Energy Regulation) to compile a series of solutions that will help both large consumers and the general population. These measures will cover the electricity and natural gas sectors,” Nicolescu said.
Furthermore, the measures scheduled to be presented today are all the Romanian state can do at the moment, the minister noted, adding that the package could include a new concept of promoting renewable energy.
Ceasing delivery of Russian gas to Ukraine will not affect Romania
Romania would “clearly be safe” if the delivery of gas from Russia to Ukraine ceased, Razvan Nicolescu, Minister Delegate for Energy, stated on RFI. Although the situation in Romania is favorable, our country does not have the means to help its neighbors, for the time being. “From this perspective, we are the safest country in the region. As it is known, we are third among European Union Member States by the energy security index. Only Denmark and Estonia have a higher energy security index than ours. I am not worried we could be affected by a gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine.”

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