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September 16, 2021

Ponta gives 51 pc chances to Tariceanu and Oprescu to run for president

The prime minister doesn’t want PNL to get less than 20 pc in the elections because that would mean ‘Basescu’s parties’ will climb.

There are 51% chances for the Social-Democratic Party (the PSD, in power) to back, in the presidential elections, a candidate that the PSD has always wanted – an unbiased, non-partisan president – Prime Minister Victor Ponta, leader of the social-democrats, said late on Sunday at Antena 3 TV station, nominating in this sense Sorin Oprescu and Calin-Popescu Tariceanu and adding Mugur Isarescu will definitely be interested in a new mandate as BNR governor.
Victor Ponta says that he will be able to convince his colleagues in PSD to back Tariceanu as a candidate in the presidential elections. ‘We are able to bring together various parts of the society. And I think that Mr. Tariceanu represents a part of the society, I think that the PNL [National Liberal Party – in opposition] is an important part of the society. I believe the idea is a peace of 10 years, if possible, after the 10-year division and war,’ said Ponta. The prime minister added he does not want the PNL to get less than 20% in the elections because, otherwise, that would mean ‘Basescu’s parties’ will climb.
The PSD leader also remarked that PNL leader Crin Antonescu, perhaps influenced by Traian Basescu, was mistaken to view the election battle as ideological and not as a fight against the Basescu regime, and he was also mistaken to believe if USL were to reunite, the November elections would surely not be won by a politician backed by Basescu.
‘Basescu and Yanukovych are alike’
The Prime Minister announced the head of state has agreed to validate the new Government and promulgate the Green Certificates energy Law, after the authorities in Bucharest received outside signals recommending them to ensure stability, behave in a serious manner, and stop all “domestic tomfoolery.”
“Both I and the President were sent a message and that is probably why he changed his mind within the last 24 hours and decided to swear in the new Government. The message was, ‘You’re a serious and stable country, so stop the domestic tomfoolery and start showing stability and seriousness. Prove to the others that your place in the EU and NATO is beneficial and stop arguing amongst yourselves; this was the intended meaning, explained more plainly. I believe he got the message, even if he doesn’t necessarily like it,” Ponta said.
Furthermore, the PM compared President Basescu with Viktor Yanukovych, the former pro-Russian President of Ukraine, as they have both occupied this position for a long time, lost contact with reality, and they are both capable of anything if they feel they are losing power. According to Ponta, this year’s message is that Romania will not face the same chaos as Ukraine, with people fighting the police in the street, or with parts of the country being annexed.
Crimea: Greatest security risk for Romania since 1989
As far as the situation in Crimea is concerned, PM Ponta said it poses the greatest security risk for Romania since 1989, but it is also an opportunity for a return of the Republic of Moldova closer to Europe and NATO. He asserted that this conflict in Crimea is also an opportunity for getting the Republic of Moldova closer to NATO and the EU.
‘On the other hand, I see it as the greatest opportunity. (…) For Romania to reach a major goal, which for Europe is a minor one, but for Romania is the most important. That is, using this political and historical moment to boost the return of the Republic of Moldova closer to what Europe and NATO represent (…) [Romania] is now sufficiently great and strong both economically and politically to be for [the Republic of] Moldova what West Germany used to be for the East [Germany], this without saying that I see as the main solution, as President [Traian] Basescu said, taking it back. I don’t think this is the wisest solution, unless the Moldovan people decide so, calling a referendum,’ Ponta added.

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