Euro barometer: High percentage of Romanians receive ‘envelope wages’

A recent Eurobarometer survey shows that undeclared work continues to be widespread in Europe, though the extent and perception of the problem vary from country to country. The proportion of annual income received as envelope wages is highest in Southern Europe (69%), followed by Eastern and Central Europe (29%), whereas continental and Nordic countries register lower levels (17% and 7% respectively), the survey shows. Romania has a high percentage of employees (one in seven) who receive part of their pay “cash in hand”, as ‘envelope wages’. One in 30 European (3%) was paid partly in cash by his or her employer (“envelope wages”). According to the survey, around one in ten Europeans (11%) admits that they have bought goods or services involving undeclared work in the previous year, while 4% concede that they have themselves received undeclared pay in return for work.

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