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December 9, 2022

NATO official: Russian aggression – a threat to Euro-Atlantic security

NATO capabilities must be present in Romania and other states neighbouring Ukraine, Minister Dusa says.

“Russian aggression in Ukraine” is “a real threat to Euro-Atlantic security,” so that the foreign ministers will review next week the Alliance’s relations with Moscow, said assistant to NATO Secretary General Patrick Auroy yesterday in Bucharest.
“The Russian military aggression in Ukraine is the most severe crisis in Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall. This is a real threat to the Euro-Atlantic security and to the world order in general,” said Patrick Auroy, assistant to NATO Secretary General for investments in defence, during the conference “AFCEA Europe TechNet International and the NATO C4ISR Industry Conference 2014”, held by NATO Communications and Information Agency in Bucharest. On the other hand, Auroy reasserted the fact that, following the events in Crimea, the Alliance consolidated their reaction capacity, including surveillance flights over Romanian air space. “We have taken some measures to consolidate the reaction capacity of NATO, including several actions of air police in the Baltic space, surveillance flights in Poland’s and Romania’s air space and a higher degree of alertness,” said Patrick Auroy.
The NATO official also stressed the fact that this crisis leads to the conclusion that “defence matters and we cannot continue to cut expenses in the field of defence, whereas other world actors develop their defence budgets.” “We have to make sure we have an entire series of capabilities to discourage, to defend and counter any threat,” said the assistant to NATO Secretary General.
Minister of Defence Mircea Dusa said during the same conference that NATO capabilities must be present in Romania, Poland and other states neighbouring Ukraine, in the context of the events in Ukraine. “A NATO aircraft is already performing surveillance, an AWACS airplane, which together with the commanding centres and the air surveillance centres in Romania, together with the Romanian aircraft providing air police, starting from the crisis onset, are operating in Romania’s air space, ensuring coordination of air surveillance and of the missions of air police,” said Dusa.
Inquired whether, following the events in Ukraine, the purchase of F-16 aircraft will be sped up, the official said “the programme is running according to the measures established with the Portuguese and the US partner.” “The purchase can be sped up, but we have to haste the entire infrastructure in order to create this capability, we have to upgrade the airport and to prepare pilots and technical personnel, things that cannot be done in a day,” Dusa explained. The minister wanted to say that the Romanian state and the US are observing the schedule of installing anti-ballistic equipment in Romania, so that “the anti-missile defence system at Deveselu will become operational in 2015.”
Minister Dusa Lieutenant-General Patrick Auroy, Deputy NATO Secretary General for defence investigations, and NCI Agency’s Gijsberg also on the side-lines of the conference.
‘AFCEA Europe TchNet International and the NATO C4ISR Industry Conference 2014,’ Conference is held during March 25-27 in Bucharest. The event is hosted by the Rin Grand Hotel, under the aegis of PM Victor Ponta. According to Romania’s Defence Ministry (MoD), the conference is organised in cooperation with NATO’s Association for Communications, Electronics, Intelligence and Information Systems Professional (AFCEA Europe), with support from Romania’s Arsenal Department’s Military Equipment and Technology Research Agency to celebrate Romania’s 10th NATO anniversary. Attending the event are high-ranking NATO officials, officials of the Romanian Government and MoD, along with nearly 700 representatives of 40 companies, top specialists from military, industry and academia.
The conference is designed to allow reciprocal information about the concerns in the field and identification of business opportunities as part of regional and international cooperation.
Also discussed at the conference is cyber security and the new generation of C2 command and control services, and an exhibition will be mounted to showcase products and services of NATO member states, with NCI Agency First General Manager Koen Gijsberg holding a press conference  yesterday.

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