Budget of Ministry of Culture boosted by almost RON 5 M for exhibition in China

The budget of the Ministry of Culture was increased by the Government by almost RON 5 million to organize the exhibition “Romania’s Treasures” in China by the National History Museum of Romania, according to Mediafax. According to the quoted source, the budget increase was decided in the Wednesday session of the Government, the money being allocated from the budget reserve fund. The Government said this amount is necessary to fund the expenses for the organization of the exhibition “Romania’s Treasures” in the People’s Republic of China, and the expenses are to be included in the budget of the Ministry of Culture in 2015.
Regional Development and Public Administration Minister Liviu Dragnea on Thursday announced that Romania would open in Beijing, in September, the exhibition called Romanian Treasures, which would include heritage objects of priceless value.
‘It is an impressive list. Some of the most important heritage objects Romania has will be exhibited – paintings, coins, jewellery, very many objects,’ Dragnea said.
The exhibition will be open for one year in Beijing, but the authorities hope to be able to organise this event in other centres of China, for ‘increasingly more Chinese citizens to see and know Romania better.’
According to Liviu Dragnea, it is important for Romania in the future to have a permanent cultural presence in China.
‘I talked to Mr Deputy Prime Minister Hunor [Kelemen Hunor, Deputy Prime Minister and Culture Minister] when I got back from China and I believe that, besides this exhibition, which will be an important event, we should seriously think about a cultural presence on a permanent basis in China. It is important to us for such a big and powerful country as China to have the possibility to constantly know as many things as possible about Romania. China grants a high importance to symbols and old friendship relations, which can represent serious grounds for the mutual economic development,’ Dragnea explained.

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