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February 8, 2023

CSAT: Report on the management of Cantacuzino sent to prosecutor’s office

Ukraine, national system of cyber-security also on the meeting’s agenda.

President Traian Basescu decided that the report presented in the meeting of the CSAT about the faulty management of the Cantacuzino Institute is sent to the prosecutor’s office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice.
According to the Presidential Administration, the members of CSAT discussed the implications for the national security of the malfunctions in the activity of the National Institute of Research-development in Microbiology and Immunology “Cantacuzino”.
The Supreme Defence Council appreciated that, because of the faulty management exerted by the successive leading teams of the “Cantacuzino” Institute, because of the failure to observe procedures, faulty control of the production process and of the improper involvement of the Ministry of Health, problems appeared of late that can generate vulnerabilities for the health state of the population, so measures must be taken in view of solving all these problems and preventing their repeat.
The members of CSAT also approved the measures for the development of the National system of cyber-security, also aimed at countering the activities of nature to harm the cyber-security of Romania.
The Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) meeting’s agenda also included an evaluation of the international situation in view of the events in Ukraine.
Health Minister: Those guilty for 400,000 doses of unsuitable flu shots to be held accountable
Concerning the scandal over the flu shots, Health Minister Nicolae Banicioiu stated on Thursday that those guilty for the production of 400,000 doses of unsuitable flu shots will be held accountable, adding that the National Drug Agency signaled irregularities ever since July 2013 and had they been addressed the damage would not have been done. Banicioiu also pointed out that the World Health Organization also stated that procedures were not respected within the Institute. In a report quoted by Mediafax, the WHO claims that the ‘Cantacuzino’ Institute seems to not have a clear business plan budgeted for the next 5-10 years and the personnel employed for the production of the flu shots started working very late and under the pressure of job insecurity.

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