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November 24, 2022

Partnership Agreement for 2014-2020, approved

Starting on April 1, Romania can launch the formal dialogue with EU authorities.

The Romanian Government approved late on Wednesday the Partnership Agreement for 2014-2020, a press release informs. The Ministry of European Funds (MFE) is going to send the proposal for PA to the European Commission by end-March, the Minister of European Funds, Eugen Teodovorvici, quoted by Agerpres.
‘We approved, let’s say, the first official version of the Partnership Agreement for 2014-2020. This is the first time when Romania is sending an official version to the European Commission, so that starting on April 1 we can launch the formal dialogue. The deadline each member state has to observe in submitting this document to the Commission is April 22, 2014, which means that Romania is sending the document one month earlier,’ Teodorovici said.
He explained that the document is a programming one and depicts the manner in which Romania is going to spend the community money and the areas the money will go to, over 2014-2020.
‘Romanian has five big financing priorities depicted in the PA: competitiveness, people and society, infrastructure, resources and administration and governing,’ said Teodorovici. MFE also presented the allotments to Romania under the operational programmer over 2014-2020.
According to him, the Operational Programme Large Infrastructure will receive approx., EUR 9.5 billion, the Regional Operational Programme (POR) – EUR 6.6 billion, the Operational Programme Human Resources (POSDRU) – EUR 4.2 billion, the Operational Programme Administrative Capacity – EUR 553 million, the Competitiveness Operational Programme – EUR 1.2 billion, the Technical Assistance Operational Programme – EUR 265 million, the Cross-border Cooperation Programmes – EUR 452 million, the National Programme for Rural Development – EUR 8 billion.
Under a decision of the Government, MFE has taken over the management authority of operational programme economic competitiveness (POSCCE) and POSDRU from the Education Ministry and the Labour Ministry, respectively.
RON 900 M loan for paying beneficiaries of European funds
Also, the Government approved a new loan worth more than RON 900 million for the payment of the beneficiaries of European funds. The new funds will be used for making payments to the beneficiaries of the projects implemented in three programmes. Thus, for making payments to the beneficiaries of POR they allocated funds worth RON 360 million, for paying the bills to the beneficiaries of the Sectoral Operational Programme Environment, an amount of about RON 294 million, and for the ones of the POSCCE, an amount of RON 255 million. The rate of the current absorption of European funds amounts to 34.25 percent on March 21, according to MFE. Also on Wednesday, the Government passed a decision under which RON 908,954,000 from privatisation revenue are temporarily allocated to the two management authorities. The aim of the transfer is to secure payments to programme beneficiaries in March and April 2014 for the refund requests and eligible payment requests. Payments will be performed by the main employers acting as management authorities, for an optimal implementation of the operational programmes in question

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