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October 21, 2020

Submitting candidacies for European Parliament elections concluded

In the eleventh hour, the representatives of Civic Force Party (FC), Greater Romania Party (PRM)
and independent candidates Mircea Diaconu and Danut Liga, submitted their candidacies.

Submitting candidacies for the MEPs elections concluded on Wednesday at midnight. The Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) is to decide on admitting or rejecting the candidacies by April 5, at the latest.
The Civic Force Party (FC) list is opened by former PM Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, the party chairman, being followed by Diana Pavelescu, general secretary of the Association of Professional Tasters, and professor Mihaela Nicolau respectively. ‘We are glad to have submitted at the BEC over 217,000 signatures with which the Civic Force Party is engaging in the electoral competition for the European Parliament, as well as the complete list of the 42 names that will represent the party in the May 25 elections. (…) All our candidates are university graduates, are engineers, teachers, doctors, economists and journalists, representing the generation that the party wants back in politics and back for the national interest,’ said Ungureanu, quoted by Agerpres. He added that the average age of party members who are on the list is 41 years. ‘A third of the names we suggest to voters are women, two-thirds are men. It is a balanced geographical distribution which covers all our organizations,’ said former premier.
Mircea Diaconu collected more than 125,000 signatures in support for his candidacy. “From now on, the legal procedures ensue. The Central Electoral Bureau will analyze and will soon issue a verdict, most likely,” said the former liberal. Regarding the letter sent by the National Integrity Agency to BEC, according to which he does not meet the legal validation requirements for his candidacy for the EP, Mircea Diaconu said it is the right of the Agency to take any legal action. He added that the hardest step was to reach this point, collecting this number of signatures in only six days. We remind that at least 100,000 signatures are necessary to submit a candidacy for the European Parliament.
According to vice-president of the Standing Electoral Authority Marian Muhulet, BEC member, Remus Cernea came to the Bureau on Wednesday night as well, but his candidacy could not be submitted as he got past the deadline.
According to the law, filing complaints against the admission or rejection of candidacies can be made by April 10 at the latest by voters, political parties, political or election alliances, citizens’ organizations representing the national minorities. Solving the complaints on the admission or rejection of candidacies is made within two days from the registration of the complaint, on April 12 at the latest, by the Bucharest Tribunal. The deadline to solve the appeal on complaints is two days from the registration of the appeal, on April 15 at the latest, by the Bucharest Court of Appeal. The candidacies remain definitive on April 16 at the latest. The election campaign for the European Parliament starts on April 25, 30 days prior to the voting on May 25.
On the other hand, The PRM President Gheorghe Funar announces that he will challenge in court the list submitted by C.V. Tudor at BEC, for the EP. “Greater Romania Party will challenge the illegal list of candidates submitted by individual Vadim Corneliu Tudor on behalf of PRM, a party he was removed from on July 27, 2013 by the Extraordinary Congress at Alba Iulia,” reads the release sent to the press..
MEP Cristian Preda, top of the list of the Popular Movement Party (PMP) at the European Parliament elections, proposes in a post on his blog, “a non-aggression pact between the lists that side with the European People’s Party, namely PDL, PMP, PNTCD and the Civic Force Party.”

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