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September 28, 2021

‘We shall meet again last year’, first ever play performed on Romanian airport

The show put on by the Living-room Theatre, entitled ‘We shall meet again last year’, directed by Alexandru Nagy, was the first ever play performed on Saturday on the International Henri Coanda Airport in Bucharest, at the new departures terminal.   The show is based on an original idea of the Living-room Theatre, namely the text of one of the most played Romanian playwrights Stefan Caraman, awarded at the UNITER Awards Gala in 2005. The first ever play created for an airport was directed by Alexandru Nagy, with the scenic designer being Ioana Pashca. ‘We shall meet again last year is the second play of the Airport trilogy; I wrote it in 2009,  right after I had finished the first play of the series, taking no break, without spending too much time mulling over it, the words came naturally. Perhaps it’s the best play from the dramaturgical point of view, it’s powerful, surprising, like a middle-aged woman.(…). It’s a play about love, or better said about love stories; love stories cost because they are free, they fill us with pleasure because they are painful and they are eternal because they don’t last too long. As a transit from the Hamburg flight or from Prague,’ Stefan Caraman says about his text, according to the release.
The story unfolds in the waiting room of an airport, where two couples debate a hot issue each of us deals with. Two different generations, in the light of the analysis of two intimate relationships, a freeze frame, possible at any time, that captures brilliantly the characteristics of the young and old generation.  The premiere captured exactly the essence of the show, ‘life as an airport’, where people come and go, where love stories spin around like journeys.
The Living-room Theatre plans to go on a promotion tour in June, making a stop in five nationwide airports, Sibiu, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara and Tulcea (the city of Stefan Caraman), where the show will be performed for the local public.

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