SRI Director: Corruption is a threat to national security

The Intelligence Service will stand aside from political fight in presidential elections, Maior assures.

Corruption is a threat to national security, a serious thing, which, if not combated, creates serious problems to a modern state wanting to provide its citizens security and prosperity, Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) Director George Maior said on B1 TV private television channel on Sunday evening.
‘In the first place, I did not say that, but the law, the CSAT and, implicitly, maybe even explicitly, the Constitution, but, from time to time, maybe we need to reiterate this thing:[Corruption] is a threat to national security, because, on the one hand, it weakens the state in its economic, political and even geopolitical affirmation and, on the other hand, it prejudices the state budget and directly affects the citizen’s interests,’ George Maior said.
He says that there are certain politicians who, for personal reasons or for wrongly understood political matters, accuse the system, but these reactions are out of phase with the reality in which the Romanian Intelligence Service operates.
‘It is a shame, because it would be in their interest to exist a powerful state, in which they can plenary act politically, running this state or serving the citizens. Corruption in politics, in the first place, affects the political class in what it can do, in its efficiency, in the end, in its possibility of achieving its objectives. The political factor should uphold the idea that the law must be enforced in a state, this is where we start from, and the fact that there is monitoring, this approach is quite pathetic, only the ones truly doing something bad, breaking the law, are being monitored,’ Maior said.
He believes that there are good elements in the political spectrum, people struggling for certain ideals and that there should not be generalisations concerning the political class, but that there also is a lot of pressure on the state’s institutions.
‘I believe that the state evolved very much over the recent years through its institutions, through their consolidation. Obviously, such rhetoric, too, such gestures create a certain kind of pressure, a kind of intimidation on these institutions, but, in time, they also developed both defence mechanisms and the capacity to exercise their duties in an efficient and impartial manner, without any political and ideological agenda,’ the SRI Director maintained.
SRI Director George Maior also assured that the intelligence service he coordinates will not become involved in the political games that pertain to presidential elections. “SRI must (…) be independent and neutral in relation to a political fight that interests the Service only with one regard: standing aside from the political and ideological stakes in a competition of such extent. Any infringement has a name and a surname in the Service and will be punished accordingly (…)”, Maior said on B1TV.

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