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July 3, 2022

US troops to be supplemented at Kogalniceanu Airport

The president of Romania informs the Parliament about the decision within 5 days from the moment it was made and, if the Parliament is on recess, from the beginning of the next ordinary or extraordinary session. If these activities are not conducted in compliance with the provisions of international treaties which Romania is part of, the president of Romania demands the approval of the Parliament.
The US troops of Joint Task Force East installed, in the summer of 2010, in the new base worth USD 50 M located at Mihail Kogalniceanu, Constanta County, which can accommodate 1,600 troops. The chief of the PR office of Joint Task Force East, Lt. Col. Daniel Herrigstad announced in November 2009 that the base can accommodate up to 1,600 troops belonging to the ground, air and sea forces, and will be jointly used by Romanian and US forces. “This is a Romanian base, but sponsorship came from American funds. The unit belongs to the host country and we are using it under governmental agreements,” Herrigstad explained.
The base was built by over 1,200 construction workers, more than half of them being employed by Romanian companies. The former base of Mechanised Brigade 34 became a state-of-the-art army base, designed and equipped at the military standards of USA. With few exceptions, the former buildings were demolished and the land was used for the construction of dormitories, a military chapel, gyms, shops, a canteen with 2,500 places, football and baseball courts, and a cinema hall.

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