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June 13, 2021

EU Partnership Agreement 2014-2020: EUR 9.5 bn for the Major Infrastructure Operational Programme

The Romanian Ministry of EU Funds officially communicated the proposed 2014-2020 Partnership Agreement to the European Commission on Tuesday via the Structural Funds Communication (SFC) information system, the ministry has announced in a press release to. For 2014-20, Romania has been earmarked 9.5 billion euros for the Major Infrastructure Operational Programme, 6.7 billion euros for the Regional Operational Programme, 4.2 billion euros for the Human Capital Operational Programme, 1.2 billion euros for the Competitiveness Operational Programme, 0.55 billion euros for the Administrative Capacity Operational Programme, 0.21 billion euros for the Technical Assistance Operational Programme and 0.45 billion euros for the Trans-border Cooperation Operational Programme.
‘The system for the implementation of the EU funds will be much more efficient for 2014-2020, thanks to the simplified institutional structure’, the release explains.
‘After having in the past sent working versions of this document as part of the informal dialogue, Romania officially communicated the European Commission the proposed Partnership Agreement today. The official delivery of this document means Romania is getting near the moment of singing the Partnership Agreement. According to the European regulations, the Commission has three months to analyse the document and such period of time may be stopped if the member state is communicated commentaries on the document, an absolutely normal process applicable to all EU states. At the same time, I underscore that Romania is recording no delay in sending the proposed Partnership Agreement, as the deadline set in the EU rules is April 22, 2014’, the release quotes EU Funds Minister Eugen Teodorovici as saying.
According to it, the EU Funds Ministry will be the management authority for the Major Infrastructure Operational Programme, Human Capital Operational Programme, the Competitiveness Operational Programme and the Technical Assistance Operational Programme. The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration will be the management authority for the Regional Operational Programme and the Administrative Capacity Operational Programme and for the European territorial cooperation programmes and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will manage the National Rural Development Programme and the Fisheries Operational Programme.

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