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January 27, 2023

Clunkers Programme, in 2015 as well

This year’s edition of the car fleet renewal programme begins today for natural persons, with 17,000 vouchers available and a total budget of RON 140 M.

The 2014 edition of the Clunkers Programme begins Tuesday for natural persons, with 17,000 available vouchers that are electronically allocated to dealers, and those who will scrap their old car will receive a bonus of RON 6,500 when they buy a new automobile, Environment minister Attila Korodi announced yesterday in a press conference. Applicants can go, starting today at 11.00 AM, and enter the programme at the dealers validated in the programme, in order to receive their vouchers. This year too, they will receive, besides the scrapping bonus of RON 6,500, an eco-bonus worth RON 500 for purchasing a new automobile conform to the Euro 6 pollution standards, the acquisition of a new vehicle whose engine generates carbon emissions under 100g/km and the purchase of a new automobile with hybrid propulsion system, but no more than two eco-bonuses can be cumulated.
“We will not give up the Clunkers Programme even in 2015,” minister Attila Korodi assured, adding: “Nobody came with a point of view about stopping the programme and I believe we should not end it, because we have a significant percentage of old cars. If this system works, then it brings a benefit.” This year’s edition will enjoy a total budget of RON 140 M, of which RON 119 for natural persons.
Those who want to enter the Clunkers Programme this year can apply at any validated dealer. The Clunkers vouchers were not distributed on county basis, depending on the age of the car fleet of each territorial unit, as in the past years, but instead it was made on demand, with electronic vouchers being extracted from a national database by the validated auto dealers. The vouchers are no longer distributed in two phases and instead the entire amount will be available when the programme begins.
The Clunkers Programme 2014 for legal entities will make available an additional number of 3,000 vouchers, and the evaluation and validation period of the files that will be submitted by institutions and companies will be announced at a later date. According to latest estimations, the programme will begin after April 20.
Those who want to scrap their old car without buying a new one can cede the right of using the voucher to someone else, and will have to go to the dealer with the beneficiary. When the electronic voucher is issued, it will be on the name of the person who buys the automobile. Last year, 23,000 vouchers were allocated to the Clunkers Programme, 20,000 for natural persons and 3,000 for companies and public institutions. A total number of 20,922 vouchers were distributed: 19,211 to natural persons and 1,711 to institutions and companies. Previously, between 2010 and 2012, a voucher of RON 3,800 was issued for scrapping a car and up to three vouchers could be used for the purchasing of a car. According to figures released by the Driving License and Vehicle Registration Department (DRPCIV), Romania’s car fleet reached approximately 5.98 million units at the end of 2013, up 4.73 pc against the same moment of 2012.

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