Dragnea: Ponta, PSD undecided in presidential bid, candidate

The Executive Chairman of the Social-Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea on Sunday night declared that Prime Minister Victor Ponta has not decided yet whether to run for president of not, while the party did not resolve whether it should have its own candidate.  ‘Victor Ponta did not decide on his candidacy. We are now discussing possibilities. (…) If he wishes to carry on as prime minister, it’s a decision I respect. If he preserves his prime minister position, it is also a good thing because fortunately since he took the office Romania started to perform economically. Not in a spectacular way, but we had the largest economic growth in the European Union. (…) We at PSD did not resolve whether we should have our own candidate; it’s an undecided matter,’ Dragnea said in a broadcast of the Digi 24 TV station. On the other hand, he denied the existence of pressures from PSD local leaders on Ponta to run in the presidential elections. ‘Some try to promote this idea [of pressure by local leaders on the PM to candidate]. There’s no such thing. No one is pressing Victor Ponta. No one can forcibly run for president!’ Dragnea explained.
PSD voting for amnesty law in 2014, out of the question
Liviu Dragnea also said that PSD voting for the amnesty law in 2014 is out of the question.  ‘There is no question of us discussing about voting this law in 2014. It’s out of the question. One never knows what might happen in 2015, in Romania, who will be the future president, God forbid, one never knows what might occur in Parliament, (…) what sort of instability could emerge in this country,’ Dragnea told Digi 24 private broadcaster. He denied that talks on this topic were held during the Saturday meeting of the PSD leaders in Brasov.

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