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August 14, 2022

Positive trend of EU funds absorption to continue in 2014

The absorption rate of the EU funds went up from 7 percent in 2012 to 35 percent nowadays, as Romania tops the rankings of EU funds absorption among the European community states, last year absorbing non-refundable funds in amount of almost EUR three billion, said PM Victor Ponta during a debate on this area in the Parliament. He thanked the ten PDL MPs “who are still within PDL” for the fact that they initiated a debate on European funds, which provides him with the opportunity to show what this party did not accomplish during their ruling period. Ponta continued his speech saying that the absorption rate of the EU funds through the Sectoral Operational Programme Transports went up from 6.22 percent to 31.2 percent, and saying that Romania’s image was that of “the most incompetent and corrupt” state” as far as the European funds were concerned, with the suspension of many programmes and the enforcing of many financial corrections of about one billion euros. He assured that the positive trend of the EU funds absorption will continue this year and made reference to the fact that Romania has the smallest allocation of EU funds per capita for 2014-2020, as President Traian Basescu was a “weak and uninterested negotiator.”

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