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December 3, 2021

PNL censure motion under way

PNL leader Crin Antonescu announced that his party is preparing a censure motion against the Ponta Government for the latter’s failure to comply with the governance agenda, but it remains unclear whether the Liberals will manage to raise the necessary number of signatures to submit this motion.
“As I have announced, if the Government does not issue a decision before May 1 regarding the measures undertaken in the governance agenda, by the Prime Minister himself in his statements, and by what we have announced together, namely cutting back employers’ social contributions (CAS) by 5 percent and the non-taxation of reinvested profit, we will file a censure motion,” Antonescu said, according to Mediafax. When asked how PNL will be able to file a censure motion, given that the number of Liberal MPs has dropped below the necessary minimum, Antonescu replied, “I don’t believe we will not be able to get at least four additional signatures from members of the Romanian Parliament. I cannot say exactly where and how; the motion will obviously be proposed and other Parliamentary political groups will have the possibility to sign it.” On another topic, Antonescu has reiterated that he plans to withdraw as PNL president if the party achieves below 20 percent in the European Parliamentary elections, but he pointed out he will not withdraw from the presidential race. “No, this (editor’s note – his candidacy for the presidential elections) is a different matter. Of course, plans can be devised, maintained, or cancelled based on the results of the European Parliamentary elections and the significance of these results in reconfiguring the power ratio, but the two are not explicitly connected,” the PNL leader stated, as cited by Mediafax.

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